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    Let's Kick ASS is the original grassroots movement of HIV Long-Term Survivors since 2013. We are the only non-profit for, by, and about those living longest with the virus. We are devoted to improving the lives of survivors through support groups, community engagement and aging well with HIV. We are all an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. Every penny raised goes to programs and services.

    We've written HIV-Resilient a first of its kind program to help Long-Term Survivors and Older Adults Living with HIV Age Well.

    26% of people living with HIV are Long-Term Survivors.

    Worldwide Over 4.2 Million People are Aging with HIV. In the U.S. over 50% of the 1.2 million persons with HIV are over 50, a proportion that will rise to 70% by 2020. 


    The new face of HIV is aging. More than 60 percent of people with HIV are over the age of 50. By 2020, that number will soar to 70 percent. We face a multi-pronged crisis affecting the physical, mental and financial well-being of older adults with HIV and our families, friends, and caregivers. Not to mention the impending stress on our already limited health care resources as older adults with HIV need increasing amounts of complicated care and services.

    On June 5, 2017—HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD)—let’s come together and declare that HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS) will not be forgotten nor rendered invisible, especially as we talk about “Ending AIDS”.

    Too many of us are set aside to die quietly without understanding what is happening to us. As we move #ForwardTogether and draw attention to some of the changes that need to be made in our communities and in our healthcare system to ensure that older adults with HIV have the tools we need to live productive lives into our older years. We will draw attention to the unique contributions we make to our communities and the national discourse on healthy aging, something that seemed unimaginable until recently.

    Let's Kick ASS is the organization established to raise awareness about AIDS Survivor Syndrome and to do something to about it.

    Please give whatever you can afford to help Let’s Kick ASS, a small non-profit with a loud voice make the world a safer place for those living longest with HIV.

    Our HIV Long-Term Survivors Declaration:  A Vision For Our Future has been downloaded or read online over 30,000 times. (Read it if you haven't!)

    The world is staring to listen to our pleas. Help us raise our voices by giving whatever you can. And share this with your friends and networks.

    To learn more us please visit: 

    You can read our blog at:  Follow us on Facebook: 
    Twitter: @LetsKickASS_org & @AIDSurvivors 

    We also have new social media, needs-assessment project

    Thank you,

    Tez Anderson

    Twitter// @TezAnderson 

    Named One of the Most Amazing HIV+ People of 2016 and on the POZ 100 List