Help the Bendigo Hotel team

As of today the 27/08/2020, $8,399.41 has been raised. You are all helping the Bendigo Hotel team save our much loved Live Music Venue. 

We will continue to give you all weekly updates on the donation amount. 

Kama, you're the sun in our shine. 

And Elissa Jewel from Deadlifts and Deathmetal I just fell off my chair when I saw your donation. 

Also, Mark Aitken ended up selling CDs from his collection for $150 - legend. CDs are hard to give up. We are very grateful for your donation and sacrifice of collected CDs

And to all of you generous music-loving, bendi-loving souls who are doing it just as hard if not harder than us we THANK YOU. 


Live music venues are shutting down. Every day another venue door closes, as we struggle to survive the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Bendigo Hotel now calls for your help to reopen its doors

In a nutshell, this is Live Music in Melbourne

Melbourne thrives from its live music. It is the beating pulse that binds us together and pumps money into our local economy.  Live Music creates over 42,000 jobs and contributes $1.7 billion to the Victorian economy.

Live music is performed in 553 venues and clubs across Melbourne and 197 venues in regional Victoria. It encompasses dozens of genres and ranges of music.

We must stand up together if we are going to protect our status as one of the great global live music cities.

If we close, it has a domino effect on staff, musicians, bookers, organisers; suppliers and their workers; food venues and other business that surround the venue; GST and liquor tax revenue; tourism and Melbourne’s international reputation as the music capital of the world and most liveable city.

We have to make sure there’s a lifeline so venues (and Melbourne) can open again when the worst has passed, which may be months away.

Music venues might be able to weather the storm for a few weeks but many if not most venues will close in the coming months, never to open again.  All those years of experience, networks, loyal customers, reputation and culture will be gone.

We need funding now to help with upcoming expenses, as we have no revenue with the current policy of social isolation.

We ask the State Government and local Councils to help us find alternative uses for venue spaces during the lockdown, including:

  • Offices, projects and storage for government and private business needs
  • Expanding initiatives such as Creative Spaces
  • Providing local funding streams to keep venues operating.

It’s time for the businesses that have benefited from the music scene to support their main source of income. Companies that have the financial and logistical resources to support venues to stay afloat during this lockdown:

  • Landlords:
    • Constructively work with venues to create sustainable plans to ensure the continuation of leases
    • Moratorium on apartments being built on venue sites.
  • PPCA and APRA to pause fees
  • Ticketing companies: Moshtix, Ticketek, Ticketmaster, Oztix and Eventbrite to provide financial and logistical support to venues
  • Liquor suppliers: ALM, Paramount, CUB and Lion Nathan to defer payments, buyback stock and support our fundraiser campaign
  • Insurance companies: amend current policies to reflect our current closed state and pause coverage not being used
  • Utilities: a pause on debt notices and discontinuation of supply until businesses are up and running.

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Donor Wall74

Save Live Music | A$112.59

The Go Set Save Live Music tees money raised for The Bendigo Hotel

Rose | A$52.36

Stu Woodman | A$31.58

If I donated $1 for every gig I've seen at The Bendi I'd go broke, but I hope this helps.

Ange Beer | A$50

Can you please create some awesome Bendi merch to sell? I'll buy a hoodie for sure!

Dave McCarthy | A$31.58/M

Love the Bendigo! Almost had our wedding there!

Craig Rogers | A$31.58

Matthew Miller | A$21.20

Best venue in Melbourne, love playing and attending gigs here \m/

Rose | A$52.36

STEVEN | A$21.20

Fucking miss the Bendi! Best wishes legends.

Hayley Joyce | A$30

Mark Chaos | A$130

Frank Grudge | A$41.97

Dylan Peto | A$21.20


Bendigo gave my band our first gig! Can’t wait to be back with the awesome crew!

Gridline Constructions pty. Ltd | A$104.28

Good luck, every bit helps.

Mark Chaos | A$5.63

Impure Sounds | A$104.27

To one of the best metal/music venues in Oz! Hope this helps, Cheers from Impure Sounds.

Belinda | A$72.08

Keep on rotting in the free world

Luke Helgesen | A$104.27

In need of a night at the bendi.

Earth Rot | A$104.27

Miss you

Keith Hechinger | A$52.36

Definitely the best venue the metal scene has ever had

David Pearce | A$52.37

Darre Cole | A$52.37

Katie | A$208.13

Seeing live music at the Bendi is one of life's pure joys. Would be shattered to lose you

Josh Voce | A$40

Long live the Bendi!


This place must stay open. A very important part of Australia's music scene with the best staff

Sasha Brookes | A$21.23

Best wishes in staying alive and kickin' !

Peter Willmott | A$21.23

Whee will the best music go? We need the Bendigo!

Rose | A$21.23

Please fucking open. I’m bored shitless

Amesh & Bailey | A$31.61

My fav venue to play at in Melbs! Best Staff too <3