Help support my brothers and sisters of Ebando!






My cause is to help support my brothers and sisters of Ebando. As most of you know back in December 2019 I traveled to Ebando a small village in Libreville Gabon, Africa. While staying in Ebando I was initiated into the Fang Tribe through ceremony while journeying with the Spirit of Iboga. This experience for me was life changing, enlightening and I gained a stronger connection to Mother Earth 🌍❤️🌊☀️

What some of you may not know is that Ebando is solely funded and supported by Banzi’s like myself who come to Ebando seeking enlightenment or a means to break addictions or to simply seek an alternative to remedy heavier issues. During this time of Global Quarantine our Bwiti Family in Gabon has had to cancel all their scheduled ceremonies until this all comes to pass. Please 🙏 If you could spare anything, a prayer, a share, a dollar - a little goes a long way!! These souls are amazing and have done so much for so many people in need. 

Thank you kindly in advance 🤲🏻💕

Bassé 🙏

Renée 🦅 Nyonié 

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