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For the love of truth I have been backing up videos for the past 3 years from YouTube. After learning that some videos got removed that I liked. I wrote many small programs that do specific tasks for downloading videos and managing all the videos downloaded. Now I have a video platform complete with live streaming and the site is always getting better while the server is always backing up videos and importing them into the website, just in case the videos get removed or the channels terminated.

What I care about is preserving truth for people seeking to find truth, who are maybe even not seeking it today but possibly will be in the future. I'm not sure how long this project will last but I plan on going full speed ahead so long as I am able to. I've also made it possible for others to do the same as I am by making the code and videos accessible by anyone.

The satanists control the money, they control the world and peoples minds, they spend millions and millions and trillions of worthless dollars every years to lies to us and control us. Your donation helps me a lot and even though it may not be a lot it helps me to survive and do more stuff with the project and reach more people.

Computer programmers get paid lots of money because they have the potential to influence millions of people. I refuse to work their jobs, I don't want to help them write software to track and trace and build a cage around everyone. I want to write code that fights against this evil and thats exactly what I'm doing. So please help me to reach lots of people by sharing the website with everyone and sending me a donation so I don't have to go hungry because I pour so much into the project.

I suggest also that you back up your favorite videos. There's a lot, but with a single 12TB hard drive you can fit a lot of the only important videos and be good to go, just when you backup all the videos from many channels you need more space than 12TB.

Find the project website at and and

They charge a fee when you use this form to send me money, If you'd like to send me a check or money order to my mailing address please contact me by email first [email protected] or [email protected] I don't care for bitcoin. You can also send me money via Cash App$trootube

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      Alex Goretoy is an individual who is working hard to preserve truth and stand up for God given rights. There is no warranty of any kind, no product will be provided and no promises are made of any sort to provide anything for your contribution. Alex Goretoy take no responsibility of any kind. Thank you for your support and your prayers!