Help Save The South Korea Dogs

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Camp Cocker Rescue is for the first time saving dogs from the puppy mill/dog meat industry in South Korea. 

What many people don't realize is that the puppy mill trade and the dog meat trade are directly connected and work together to make use of the dog for it's entire lifespan.   Small breed dogs that start out in puppy mills, when they are done being used there, will then be transferred to the dog meat farms.    

In an effort not to take donations away from Cocker Spaniels in our USA shelters, we want to set up this special link for separate donations for these dogs from South Korea.

We are working with an rescue organization in South Korea by the name of Band For Animals and their rescue partner, Korean K9 Rescue.   They are doing the brutal and brave work of being on the frontlines and saving these dogs from puppy mills and dog meat farms as each place of business is being busted for inhumane conditions.   They are also saving dogs from local animal shelters in South Korea, to intervene and keep them from ending up at a dog meat farm.  

As of right now, both puppy mills and dog meat farms are legal businesses in Asia, so the only way that rescuers can save dogs from these situations is if business owners are caught by the government running things in an inhumane way (such as no proper air circulation, unsanitary conditions, not giving the animals access to clean water, etc.).

Any dog that Camp Cocker Rescue can take in, makes room for another dog to be saved from a truly horrific situation.