Help protect Benin from COVID-19

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Without reliable information and good quality protection against COVID-19, the vulnerable communities in Benin are in serious danger. 

I'm going to do everything I can to protect them. Will you help me?

My name is Alex Adounsa. I was born in Benin, Africa, but I’ve been living in the Netherlands for some time now. I feel blessed, for I have a job and I live in a country where the health care system is well organized and everyone has health insurance. In times of a Coronavirus outbreak, I realise what a privilege this is. In my home country Benin, people are not so lucky.Alex Adounsa

The first, most important threat is ignorance.

The most basic knowledge about the virus that we in the western world consider normal, is absent in Benin.  People don't even know that they can protect themselves against infection, and they don't know how. They don't know they have to wash their hands and keep social distance from each other. What makes things worse, is that people are very stressed by all the misinformation spreading on social media. It makes them even afraid of people who fall ill, which stands in the way of quarantaine and prevents good health care.

But good education is not all that is needed.

There is no good health system.

There is a great lack of proper protection materials.

The people of Benin need reliable information and proper protection; 

one can‘t do without the other.

We want to provide both. 

Awareness campaign

PlanFutur is the Dutch foundation of which I am chairman. With our large local network in Benin, we will conduct sessions to raise awareness about the swift spreading of coronavirus and how to protect yourself against it. We will show and tell that by improving good hygiene practices like washing hands, by avoiding crowded places or gatherings, and by using masks and gloves, you can prevent the virus from spreading while protecting yourself and others. Also, we will train the local government on how to stop the spread of misinformation to ensure the public gets only reliable information about the virus.

This is what we can do. Here is what you can do.

People need to be able to protect themselves. During our awareness campaign, PlanFutur wants to provide hygiene kits that include N95 masks, alcohol-based soap, and medical gloves to the community, schools and hospitals. For this, we need your donation.

Our goal is to provide Coronavirus Hygiene Kits 

for 10.000 individuals, 4 schools, 4 hospitals and 2 city halls

For this, we need at least Eur 2.500,-.

Help us to keep the people in Benin healthy. Help us to protect Benin.

I thank you very much for your support.
Alex Adounsa, on behalf of PlanFutur

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    Stichting PlanFutur is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI). Any donations to our foundation are applicable as tax deductable. Name: Stichting PlanFutur. Fiscal number: 851120866

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    YOURI Foundation exprime la bonne chance pour PlanFutur, en luttant contre le virus COVID-19 au Bénin. Comme stagaire au ONG Planfutur, j'ai vu qu'ils font le travail essentiel de soutenir les communautés locales à réussir d'obtenir une haute qualité d'hygiène.


    Thank you for giving a practical way to help, Alex and Marijke!


    Well done Alex! Thanks for your generosity!


    Thanks for this action.