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It's thrilling to have you here.

Hi... my name is Neman Ashraf. I'm a police constable from Pakistan, fairly known for writing answers on Quora. A family man, father of two beautiful children... a boy and a girl. 

I have a situation that is keeping me awake at nights and has become a constant heart-ache unfortunately. After failing to find any viable solution to his, I have come to you... in hopes of a miracle.

The house we live in, really needs to be rebuilt from scratch as it's a very old structure that we barely afforded to buy a couple of years ago after spending whatever I had saved from nearly two decades of service. Hailing from lower middle class, and a meager paycheck... that hardly helps to endure through the expenses at home. Still, this is some achievement. I never had imagined of owning a house of our own one day. 

Since we moved in, I knew what’s coming next…. a full reconstruction from scratch. Walls are built with clay, the roof is willing to give up. No matter how good you mop the floor, it’s no use as dirt keeps popping from cracks. Just a six feet high boundary wall is a continuous concern for my family’s safety whenever I’m gone to work. But of course, we made it work thankfully as an average small house price ranges around $50,000 while we got ours for a bit over $14,000. This is like the moon for us. My kids have their own place now and their mother is grateful to finally have her own house.

It is the rains when I realized about the worsening condition of this house. Water rushes in from wall and drips from the roof like it's a waterfall, ruining furniture and everything with spilled clay. It hurts to see my little ones playing on dirty floors that no mopping in the world could clean as dirt keeps popping out from cracks restlessly. 

I couldn't have afforded any place better than this. I can't afford to pay over $100 and move as tenants somewhere. Let me say that I have worked past seventeen years as efficiently and honestly as one could being a cop and it is a troublesome chore to make a budget out of a $300 salary, it barely covers the very basic necessities such as food, kids school, and utility bills. 

To give you an idea, let me be even more shameless and say... I do skip meals at work to save money. 

The house needs to be demolished and restructured sooner than later. An average estimate for that is $19,000 USD. 

I can't make it. 

No bank will loan me being a cop, I cannot manage to gather that amount even If I start saving from this day for the remainder of my service. It is practically impossible. 

So I came to sob before you... as a last resort. 

This is a crowdfunding plea and I request you to please take my case into consideration and see if you're comfortably able and willing to spare a few bucks for this cause. Help me... raise funds to rebuild the house and provide a better living environment for my children. 

We will be grateful to you. 

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Sir, a fan from India, have been reading your answers from a long time. A big fan of yours!

Simon | $20

A little help towards your goal - I wish you the very best of luck and do please keep writing on Quora. Pakistan is a country I would very much like to visit one day.

Anonymous | $100

Hope you fulfill your dream of building a new home soon.


Hi Neman, you are a good man and this is a small gift from your friend from India


Hope you


Meetal B.

I hope this gets you closer to your goal. I'm very impressed by your resilience and your talent for writing. I hope you explore the possibility of writing a book as a career alternative.


Love your answer. All the best for future.

Justin | $25

Neman - Happy Birthday from Seattle, USA! I always enjoy reading your Quora answers and hearing about your life on a different side of the planet. I sincerely hope this campaign takes off quickly. You deserve it.

Arvindh | $10

Timothy Lokker | $50

Anonymous | $10

Satwant | $50

You have to show me Pakistan in return when I visit.

Jake Docker | $15

Good luck, Neman!

Anonymous | $10

I see a photo of Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabwi in your house. They will never let you down Inshallah. Ameen.

Munaza Ali | $30

Amit Tandon

Neman, I've enjoyed reading you on Quora. It's reaffirming to see that you've stayed honest and conduct your work with high professional integrity, despite some financial woes. As a society, we really should pay our police staff, teachers, public doctors and government employees better so that they can make a decent life and living. We also should demand better accountability to ensure they discharge their duties in beneficial ways. Unfortunately we lack woefully on both counts.. Neman, I hope you're able to build a good house for yourself and the family. Stay the course and continue doing the good you do - it has a way of coming back in unexpected ways ! With much love from India.


With Love, Keep writing, From India