Help pastors like Bogdan make disciples in Siberia

Pastor Bogdan* lives in Norilsk -  a Siberian town where daily life is hard. Snow covers the ground for six months. And, in the dead of winter, temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees. 

Unemployment is high and those who do have jobs struggle to make ends meet. There is a deep a sense of hopelessness and despair often fuelled by alcoholism and drug abuse. 

The good news is that in remote places like Norilsk, across the former Soviet Republics, hundreds of pastors are using Derek’s materials to minister to local people like Volodya.

Volodya’s story: From alcoholism and despair to serving Jesus 


Volodya’s life was in pieces. He began to drink heavily several years ago when he lost his job. Last year, his wife and children left him and stopped communicating with him.  

A few months ago, pastor Bogdan met Volodya outside a shop and sensing his distress he gave him a copy of “The Divine Exchange” by Derek Prince. 

“I will never forget that day" – said Volodya.  "I was shocked when I realised that Jesus would take away my sin and addictions. And that he would give me His life and joy instead of the pain and agony I was experiencing.”

The first thing he did after having read the book was to reconcile with his family. Then, he went to speak to pastor Bogdan to learn more about God. He is now sharing his faith with other men who are struggling like he was. 

Will you give £25, £50 or £100 to enable pastor Bogdan and others like him to reach more people like Volodya?

“We cannot ignore the cries for help of people like Volodya" – says pastor Bogdan. "We are their only chance of survival because we can offer them a way out of addiction, hopelessness and despair by telling them about Jesus and how He can set them free."

Right now we are planning to print and distribute over 20,000 copies of much-needed books like ‘Blessing or Curse You Can Choose,’ ‘Called to Conquer,’ ‘Foundations for Christian Living’ ‘The Self-Study Bible Course’ ‘The Marriage Covenant,’ etc to help more local people like Volodya to discover who God is and to rebuild their broken lives on new foundations. 

Your gift today will ensure that we can print these resources and put them in the hands of pastors and believers in Siberia and other parts of the former Soviet Republics.

Together we can do so much more. Thank you! 

Yours in Christ’s service, 

Vazgen Arseni

DPM–FSR Outreach Director

*Please note that names are changed to protect the identity of the people we serve. Also, some images are for illustrative purposes only. 

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