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Children across the world are struggling. Each day they struggle to breathe, to see, to eat, to sleep, to walk and to talk. They suffer from onslaughts of countless seizures and fail to develop as a typical child.

The cause is hidden deep in their DNA in a gene called WWOX. Mutations of the WWOX gene is the cause of 2 devastating diseases, WOREE (WWOX-related Epileptic Encephalopathy) and SCAR12 (Spinocerebellar Ataxia-12). There are only 58 known cases of WOREE and SCAR12 worldwide. These diseases are stealing the futures of these children. The average lifespan of children with severe cases of WOREE syndrome is only 4 years of age.

But there is Hope. Researchers from around the world have banded together to find a cure. Recent laboratory testing has proven that mice with a WWOX mutation can be cured using a gene therapy treatment. However, funding for the research has been completely exhausted. Due to the extreme rarity of this disease funding is hard to come by and we need caring individuals such as yourself to help the cause.

-AUD $200,000 is required to complete the vital preclinical research and trial and a further,
-AUD $100,000 is required for the preclinical data to be reviewed and documented with the assistance of a third-party organisation to gain regulatory approval to proceed with a clinical trial.

Will you help provide hope for these children and their families by donating to the WWOX foundation?

There is no administrative overhead and each dollar donated goes directly to this life-saving research.

For more information about WWOX diseases and the WWOX Foundation please visit

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Fight with us and help to provide hope to our children

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    WWOX FOUNDATION LIMITED (ABN: 90639202323) is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as a Health Promotion Charity. To ensure 100% of your donation goes towards research, you'll have the choice to cover the fees associated with your transaction before submitting. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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    tracy | $100

    Elizabeth Roberts | £20

    On behalf of Enfys Jones for Harry and George x


    For beautiful little Sophie and her amazing family, Charlotte, Alan & Edward who are just amazing. Lots of love and wishes for this to be the way forward xx

    Azahara Valero | 31,41 €

    De una familia de Villena que quiere aportar su granito de arena. Para Zoe y todos los niños.

    Sonia Rosa | R$1.000

    Na vida todos os dias temos oportunidades de aprender, e ensinar, de fazer pelo outro e Agradecer... Agradeço ao Matheus Rodrigues da Silva, e seus amigos que estao juntos nesta jornada aguardando a cura, e durante esta espera nos ensinando e ajudando a sermos melhores e dando oportunidade à ciência de encontrar novos caminhos para a cura desta deficiencia e outras que possam existir. In life every day we have opportunities to learn, and to teach, to do for others and to thank ... I thank Matheus Rodrigues da Silva, and his friends who are together on this journey waiting for the cure, and during this waiting teaching and helping us to to be better and giving science an opportunity to find new ways to cure this deficiency and others that may exist.

    Daniela Rosa | R$157,47

    Fazemos esta doaçao em nome de Matheus Rodrigues da Silva, desejamos sucesso na pesquisa e no tratamento de todas as crianças. Que Deus abençoe esta jornada rumo â cura de todos estes pequenos guerreiros. Esperança, Amor e Paz a cada um. Tio Roni, Tia Dani e Jorge Henrique.

    Cristiane Aparecida Rodrigues da silva | R$1.559,34

    Dinheiro arrecadado no Domingo Japonês com a venda de Yakisoba realizado para o Matheus Rodrigues e as Crianças wwox. Pelos papais Cris e Deni, Vovó Sandra, nossa família (primos) e os amigos Lilian, Rose e Silvio. Que a cura dos nossos filhos queridos aconteça em 2021.

    Flávia e Maurício Waldmann Lilla | R$439,92

    Carol Lilla’s birthday party

    RITA IORIO | R$520,88

    Carol Lilla’s birthday party

    Karen | $289.95

    From the Lynch Creek Farms Christmas Wreaths Campaign

    José Lilla | R$520,88

    Carol Lilla’s birthday party

    Talita | R$301,78

    Estefanía Boaglio | 46,99 €

    Fuerza y perseverancia!!! Ánimo Zoe y a toda la familia!

    Agustín | 311,79 €

    Para [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], especialmente para Zoe. Con mucho cariño de la familia Navarro Olcina

    Elizabeth Roberts | £300

    Kindly raised by Alexandra hospital Physiotherapy department bake sale

    Association | 1.000 €

    Merci aux nombreux donateurs pour Emmy et les enfants

    Carolina Lilla | $2,077.15

    Carol Lilla’s birthday party

    Felix & Aubrey España | $62.62

    Stephen Pratt.....your polar bear plunge was awesome!

    Anonymous | $52.23

    From Marian Holm for Luke & Jack

    Mary Grunewald

    Anonymous | A$104.25

    Mucho ánimo! Toda la suerte del mundo! Va ir todo bien. Irene

    Maecenata Stiftung | A$37,719.50

    Donations from Germany for funding the cure of WWOX diseases!

    Eva Domene

    Raquel Martínez Escuder | 52,17 €

    Para que estos niños tengan la mejor vida posible. De parte de José María, Hernán y Raquel. Biar (Alicante)

    Pilar Sanchez | 156,01 €

    De Pilar (Madre Tamy) y Matías para Zoe. Mucha fuerza

    Francisco Javier Molina | 20 €

    Para Zoe, de parte de Molina y Cristina, amigos de la familia, queremos aportar nuestro pequeño granito de arena!

    Blanca | 52,17 €

    Para que cada granito de arena ayude en la lucha de estos niños valientes y en especial para la guerrera Zoe


    Juan López | 5 €

    Zoe ❤

    Hormel Foods Corporation | A$52.33