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    Interesting Quotes on the Magic of Giving

    “Billionaire Sir John Templeton told me that he’s never seen anyone tithe* for at least a decade who didn’t become incredibly financially free.

    — Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes interview, Nov 24 2014

    “Even when I was flat broke...I still tithed. When people say to me, ‘Well, I’m giving my time,’ then you get back time. So if you want money, give cash! It’s quite simple.

    — Robert Kiyosaki, Guideposts interview, Sep 29 2011

    “You cannot continue to succeed unless you sacrifice 10% of what you earn for God; otherwise you will experience a crisis.”

    Beinsa Douno, Three Paths, Aug 29 1932

    “When we give money, we know that we will receive something in return tenfold.

    — Andres Pira, Homeless to Billionaire, Apr 6 2019

    “If I give away a dollar, ten comes back.

    — Thor Conklin, Chris Harder interview, Sep 10 2017

    “Give money like water. If you give, the whole wealth of the world will be yours. Money will come to you. This is the immutable, inexorable, unrelenting law of nature. Therefore give, give.”

    — Sivananda, Light, Power and Wisdom, 1959

    We are not rich by what we get and hold; the only things we keep are those we give away.

    — Jesus, Aquarian Gospel, VII 37:18

    * Tithing means giving 10% of your gross income to bearers of Truth and Justice, or to your source of ideas and strength. In short, it means to support materially whoever supports you inwardly.

    • America’s first billionaire began giving away 10% as soon as he began working, earning only $1.50 a week
    • Beinsa Douno, the master mind of Bulgaria, revealed that if we talk about the charity we did, we reduce our reward by half

    Advanced Knowledge

    Four Spiritual Laws of Wealth

    1. Next Saturday meditate for so many hours that you awaken a feeling of love that lasts the entire week
    2. Find ways of helping people that bring you a sense of satisfaction
    3. Thank The Infinite for the money you received
    4. Give away 10-50% of your gross income and keep it a secret

    12 Powerful Laws to Superior Health

    1. Drink 450-900ml of celery juice 30 minutes before breakfast, with or without the leaves. If you cannot consume celery, try fresh cucumber juice or aloe water. For magnesium, consume chia seeds. For zinc, consume hemp or pumpkin seeds. Read Anthony William's books.
    2. Long steam room sessions unblock the pores of the body and discharge electromagnetic radiation. To prevent dehydration, be sure to drink salted water at least 30 minutes before and then throughout and after your sessions
    3. Essential oils will enter the bloodstream through those pores if diffused ultrasonically at 1-3 microns, or put a drop on your pillow.
    4. In warm weather, put your palms and barefeet on the earth from 8-9am in the sunlight. This is how you absorb the healing intelligence of the Earth and the Sun while simultaneously increasing the speed at which the essential oils circulate in the bloodstream. Use solar noon times to determine when it is really 8 o'clock
    5. 6-9 day garlic cleanses remove parasites and help the oils to clean the blood.
    6. An experienced Raynor massage therapist can remove tension and even food allergies
    7. In answering nature’s call, squat don’t sit
    8. Listen to the 741 hz frequency to destroy pathogens
    9. Chew natural chewing gum after meals to improve digestion, to strengthen your teeth and to clean the mouth
    10. When convenient, inhale nasally through both nostrils to the count of 8, hold to the count of 8 and exhale orally to the count of 8
    11. If you can afford it, wear precious stones on your arm
    12. Always add lemon juice to bottled water because bottled water needs to be revivified, or better still, seek fresh spring water. Travel far if you must.

    How Most People can Meet their Soulmate

    1. Keep your romantic desires a secret
    2. Regularly help strangers
    3. In public, determine to start a conversation with whoever looks like your typedo it intelligently and do it to help them (When you come from a place of service, there is no nervous — John Rankins)

    About Me

    Ticiano Geraldes grew up in Australia and started teaching meditation at Monash University in his late twenties. Recently he self-published The Heart Creates “The One” under pen name Shalaka Akana, a book about the cosmic forces that bring soulmates together. Regarding the book, Integrity Health Products CEO of New York City said, “I learnt more from this book than from a whole lifetime of reading.” His online publications and YouTube videos have collectively received over 40,000 views. He has hosted free workshops and given lectures in Lisbon, Germany, Colombia and Mexico and is now editing the third edition of his book, which took about 12 years to complete. He wants to continue spreading the right ideas all over the world but needs the help of donors to do so efficiently.

    Here is me in Lisbon teaching meditation and inner work

    My 2019 Goals and Why I Need Donors

    Before I tell you my story, I know full well that it is not very believable, but nonetheless here goes: 19 years ago, when I was only 19, I broke the little finger on my left hand. It created a handicap and now I have only 40% movement in that finger. According to Beinsa Douno and even the contemporary scholars of palmistry, the little fingers are conduits for the energy of business and human love. Problems in the fingers will create problems in life. Serious problems in the left little finger will reportedly create problems in romantic relationships. I, for example, have experienced constant setbacks not only in my business attempts but also my romantic ones, and many of the setbacks defy explanation. I changed my subconscious programming but the problems kept coming. I even decided to distance myself from unsuccessful people. I improved on so many levels but the structural handicap in my left hand remained, and rather than wait until I have enough money for hand surgery, I want donors to help me pay for it while I'm still relatively young. I want to correct my handicap so that I can start a business and a relationship to pay my debts and get married.

    “When the little finger is quite obviously isolated from the others a difficulty in relationships must be immediately suspected."

    — Fred Gettings, historian, 1965

    Your limbs are doors. They are receiving apparatuses. They serve as a telephone.

    — Gurdjieff, Paris meeting, May 2 1943

    One of the secrets of true success is to wear precious stones and metals against the skin. Jewels and metals have the power to counteract the planetary forces that oppose our goals. The little fingers are influenced by the planet Mercury, and so are emeralds, so if someone were to have a strangled little finger (as I do), he could instead use an emerald as the cosmic antenna. The energy of Mercury would then pass through the emerald and then into the entire organism. My finger is like a clogged pipe where water cannot pass. If a hand surgeon cannot fix my finger then I will need to create another pipe, that is, use an emerald. This might sound a little far-fetched but if teachers like Yogananda, Yukteswar and Beinsa Douno were all advocates of the method, why would I ignore their advice at such a critical stage in my journey? My relationship and business success is long overdue.

    “Sapphire or emerald can preserve you from evil. This is not just speculation.”

    — Beinsa Douno, Sunday morning lecture, Oct 19 1941

    Another problem I have is financial debt. It took me years to discover that debts can hold certain people back from soulmate relationships. The thing is, most people do not truly aim for their dreams, instead they aim at mediocre things that society has told them to settle for. When a person tries to get into the best relationship and into the best business, then they will see how many obstacles there can be. Most people don't know that such obstacles exist so they do not think they exist for others. When we see others succeed, we are never seeing the complete picture and so we often remain ignorant of the legion of forces that had to come together for that person to succeed in that way. After so many years of teaching and traveling, I realized that if I want to make myself known as the only soulmate expert in the world (which I am), I need to not only help more people find love but also get married myself, and I cannot do so smoothly without correcting my finger and my debt. Recently I also discovered that most people have the Epstein-Barr virus, which is basically a zinc and B12 deficiency, and that I too am suffering from it. So, in short, I want outside money to help me kill the virus, correct the finger and crush the debt. Then I can finally get married to my best soulmate and start a life of inner growth while there's still time.

    Help me to continue helping people

    Here is the exact breakdown of the costs I need covered:

    • Higher education debt = AUD $17,141.18 (USD $12,481)
    • Correct my dysfunctional finger by undergoing hand surgery or wearing a hydrothermal 53 carat emerald = approximately EUR €5,000 (USD $5,418 estimate)
    • Get rid of the Epstein-Barr virus by following the instructions of Anthony William = approximately AUD $3,000 (USD $2,000)
    • Correct my curved spine by receiving Japanese Seitai Massage regularly = AUD $1,860 (USD $1,249)

    = USD $22,000 approximately

    Here is a list of wealthy people who want love. If you could put me in touch with them, I could find them love and in exchange they could help me with my debt. The process only takes days while many people think it has to take months or even years:

    • Ryan Blair
    • Patti Stanger
    • Nikki Glaser
    • Stefan Aarnio
    • Nischelle Turner
    • Gerard Adams
    • Brian Breach
    • Micah Archibald
    • Marcus John (International Sports Marketing Rep)
    • Stephanie Pratt
    • Will Harris (JRE)
    • Marianne Williamson

    Potential donors:

    • Tim Sykes
    • Yanik Silver
    • Thor Conklin
    • Tai Lopez
    • Grant Cardone

    Email: [email protected]

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