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February 24, 2022, is the day when the long-term peace and stabilization in Europe was seriously shaken. The outbreak of the war in Ukraine turned into a tragedy for millions of people. Many of them, especially women and children, had to run away from their homes in a hurry. This started the greatest refugee crisis in the world since WWII.

Hundreds of refugee families who fled to this region have found out that their homes have been destroyed from the war. We have already provided 100’s with temporary homes, but many need a long-term solution and support. We want to give Ukrainian refugees help to start over in a safe place.

Who we are

My name is Michał Włodarczyk, and I am a pastor of ICF Bydgoszcz Church. We’re an evangelical Church in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Since the first day of war, we have been heavily involved in helping refugees. We’ve collected people from the border, organized help for many families, we’ve been giving out food, clothes, and hygienic products every day. Thankfully, those who have found apartments or are living in our homes have been able to send their kids to schools and are finding and starting jobs. But many refugees still don’t have a place to live.

Our dream

We are working to procure a building that will allow for many refugees to have more than a temporary shelter, but one that would supply them with a safe place to begin again. This initial project will provide approximately 50 safe and decent places for long-term accommodation. This gives hope again to those who are in this extremely difficult situation, by providing them time to find jobs, acclimate into Polish life and look for their future home.


  • conversion of an office  building / service building into residential premises
  • preparation of about 50 flats / rooms
  • organisation a daycare, and kindergarden. It will not only provide childcare, but also employment for some mothers, supporting the Ukrainian families in more ways than one.  

The city promised to help with all necessary paperwork. This with will make the building conversion project happen as quickly as possible, as the refugees need homes immediately.   


Price of whole estate:

·       1 000 000 mln USD

·       4 250 000 mln PLN 

All prices given in USD and PLN at exchange rate 31-3-2022.


That includes:

·      Daycare space – we have already collected money for that 

·       Common area 

·       Kindergarden

·       50 places of accommodation  - 12 000 USD each 


One of the obstacles we face is that churches in Poland are not allowed to obtain loans for funding of any sort. Therefore, fundraising has begun.

We ask that You consider helping us and the refugees that have fled here to Poland. Together we can give them a chance to start a new life.


Polish Contact:

Pastor Dr Michal Wlodarczyk 


[email protected]

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Donor Wall11

Christopher O

Michael | $300

From Covenant Fellowship Baptist church in Stuart, Florida, USA

David Dominicci | $25

I made this Donation on behalf of Mrs. Dorothy Hathaway, a faithful Widow from my Gideon Camp in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.


My brother attended your church while working for NATO and was so blessed by your ministry. We are honored to partner with you on this important refugee work. May the Lord meet every need!

ICF Bern | $36,000

Rise Nations | $12,000

ICF Bydgoszcz | $60,000

Joel Solomon | $5,000

Heather and Brandon Newmyer

This is such an amazing effort and we hope and pray you will reach your goal so it will help you continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Ukrainian refugees. We are praying for all of their families. With love, Heather and Brandon Newmyer

JACOB | $1,000

Pastor Michal, Kingdom Global Alliances Ministries and Dailonna Dozier Help Foundation stand with you.

David Dominicci | $1,000