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      Harmonize Your Moon 

      Womb Healing for Modern Mystics

      Sacred Restoration



      Divine Feminine

      Channeled & Recorded


      Nashville, TN

      #HarmonizeYourMoon #HarmonizeYourLife #MemPhoenix #Meditation: Full Moon Divine Feminine Hip-Opening #Harmonizing #Healing Meditations & channels to release all that no longer serves you - allowing it to flow back into the universe to be ReBirthed & Renewed 


      august 17, 2018, 10:58pm

      I am now sitting in my bedroom, returning it to the guest room of my fathers house. My body is releasing massive amounts of energy as i begin a multi hour healing energy channeling session. I do these at times when my body needs serious helaing, release or restoration = and especially balance. Allowing the divine healing energies to flow through my body along my inhale and exhale, i allow it to help me stretch, expand, contract, twist, express, twitch, release, roll, flow, embrace. 

      Doing this for the past 10 years I have had incredible, miraculous results. Restoring mobility, managing pain, healing fractures, illness, imbalances of the physical body and restoring the stregnth of the energy body as well. 

      I have never before released a recording of this!!!!  The energies I connect with and channel are intense, strange, and beyond what most people have ever experienced. This is a very raw recording, and sessions like this channeled for the benefit of not only myself, but other people are incredibly rare, yet immensely powerful for myself and every single participant for the last 4 years. 

      Spirit has been prompting me to share this healing with the world from the beginning. To see the way my body flows when i release expectations is at times too intense. Most are not ready to see that much spirit and abandon flowing into physical form. I am scarcely ready for others to witness it myself. 

      Tonight, the message is clear. I am not to build anything. This message must be shared. ToNIGHT> 

      Over the next hours and days I will continue to add messages, songs, recordings and exercises to the folder you will receive. Spirit tells me there will be 10 tracks to begin, and bonuses added. 

      Those brave enough to step into this journey at its inception will be rewarded to unlimited access of the raw channel. 

      Purchase the set now while its in the BETA stages! Once its complete Spirit will direct the permanent price ;)

      $2.22 for each session or track

      $22.00 for the set of 10 plus forthcoming bonus tracks

      Custom Contribution

      There has never been anything like this before (not from me). Nor will there be again. This is the first of its kind and will continue to grow, to evolve. 

      I Am Ready For The Next Evolution