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    Finally Free - All the Norcal Guinea Pigs

    GREAT NEWS  This Monday Gabe and I drove to North California to assist a local police department and animal control department with a hoarding situation that has now finally come to an end.


    I am delighted to announce that we were able to remove and rescue ALL guinea pigs from this home on April 6, 2021 to put  to permanently put an end to the breeding and suffering these animals were forced to endure for many years.

    Approximately 180 males and 74 female guinea pigs were removed the home. They had been suffering from some time and that is visible upon close inspections.

     Almost all of the 180 males suffer from many bite wounds, eye infections, missing eyes, broken legs, URI’s, Scurvy , missing and broken teeth and possible malocclusion issues due to a diet that was lacking in fiber needed to keep teeth strong  and healthy. I did not expect that there would be that many sickly and suffering males. These pigs were left to fend for themselves in a free range situation and  from what I understand were fed a diet of Raw potatoes, carrot and bread only. No hay, no vitamin C right foods. I expect a lot of malocclusion issues because of it.  We have created ICU cages that currently house the worst 15 males but truthfully ALL males are suffering from one thing or another and choosing who got the ICU cage were  tough decisions today.


    While catching and picking up all the females I noticed some huge bellies and estimate that 2/3rd of the 74 female guinea pigs are pregnant. Guinea pigs  have 2 -4 pups per litter so that means technically we are going to be caring for another 150 baby guinea pigs that will all be born in the next 8 weeks,


    So if the baby boom does indeed happen the total of guinea pigs we will care for not including our own pigs, will come to  a total of 404 guinea pigs to care, house, feed and provide vet care for.


    We hired a new full time team member to help care because there is no way our existing team will be able to take on all these pigs as well and do am acceptable job. We need to hire another part time person to help with their care as well.

    The care for the males is intensive

    Our needs are going to be great to care for this long suffering group but think we can work our magic and can save almost everyone. Oh I cant wait to show you how well they are doing on a daily basis.  Their eyes will have no more infections, their teeth will be fixed, wounds all healed, URI’s all fixed and after many years suffering like this it is the most precious gift we can give these innocent little beings.


    Since this is an active criminal investigation I and all volunteers and team members of the LAPR are not in a position to comment, share any specifics what so ever and / or  have a public personal opinion on the matter lest it interferes with the active investigation. We all want to see justice done so please respect this and don’t ask questions we can’t answer.


    "Guinea pigs are such gentle, humble and innocent little beings. 
    Each one of them has a unique personality with endearing and quirky traits"