Google Translate - How to Use Google Translate

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Today we will see how you can use the Google translator to translate a web page from one language to another . An extremely useful function when you know that the information you need is on a website, but you do not understand it when you are in another language.

The Google translator is one of the best and most complete, with support for translating between more than one hundred languages. It is very useful for translating single words and phrases, but you can also translate web pages .

google translate for chrome

google translate francais espagnol

google translate french to bangla

google translate french to english

Translate a web from the browser

In your web browser, which does not need to be Google Chrome, click on the address bar to select the address of the web page you want to translate. Once you have it selected, copy it to the Clipboard. In Windows, this is done by pressing Control + C at the same time, while on a Mac it would be Command + C. If you are not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, right click on the text and choose Copy .

Now it's time to open the Google Translate website in your browser. To do this, go to this web address . Once you have loaded, click on the box on the left, but instead of typing any text, paste the web address you copied before to the clipboard . You can do this in Windows by pressing Control + V (on Mac, Command + V) at the same time or by right clicking to choose Paste from the menu.

google translate german

google translate german to english

google translate german to italian

google translate giapponese

If everything went well, the same web address will appear in the box on the right (translation), but in blue and underlined. Now you must adjust the language of the original text (1), which you can specify manually or leave as Detect language . What you are interested in is changing the language to which it will be translated (2). When you have it, press Translate .


That's it, you will be shown the website translated to the language you chose and a top bar with the Google translator. Remember that it is an automatic translation, so it is normal that some things do not make much sense. It is also possible that some elements of the web are misplaced or displayed incorrectly.

Translate a website from your mobile

Although the Google translator has an application for the mobile, since it can not translate web pages directly. Google Chrome also suggests you translate pages when it detects that they are in another language, but the system does not always work when you want. If you want to translate web pages with your mobile phone in a reliable way, click on the browser menu button .

google translate from photo

google translate from picture

google translate gaelic

google translate ge

In the options menu we will choose Share ... to open the system dialog to choose which application we want to share the web page with. Normally we use this box to send the page to other people or share it on social networks, but this time the use we will give will be different.

In the list of applications, choose Google Translate . Although the application itself does not translate web pages, it is displayed in the Share dialog to help you translate web pages without having to go to the translator's website, paste the web to translate and so on.

The translator application will be displayed for a second and then the Google translator's website will be opened in the browser, translating the web page you chose . As when translating from a computer, you will see a superimposed top bar where you can adjust the source and destination language of the translation, if it is incorrect.

google translate file

google translate firefox

google translate for android