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The Gold Institute for International Strategy fills a critical vacuum as there are few institutes that recognize the depth of the issues we face. America is confronting an ascending China, a revengeful Russia, a theocratic Iran, a crazy North Korea and theocratically inspired movements like radical Islam, but we lack a grand strategy for confronting these threats and supporting our democratic allies. Few institutes today ask about America’s strategic blindness.

The Gold Institute is a think tank that is uniquely positioned to address these issues. Our fellows are not just scholars, but most importantly practitioners who have been involved at the most senior of levels. Their experiences come as former members of the National Security Council, congress, to sitting and past members of parliaments as well as senior representation in the military and intelligence communities. Our global presence includes fellows from the U.S. and U.K. and throughout Europe as well as from Israel to the Gulf.

We understand that problems in far off places can quickly impact the security of our own countries. The Institute understands that the key to creating workable policy prescriptions is the strategic blueprint necessary to implement those policies, something that is often forgotten. Even during these less than ideal COVID-19 conditions, Gold Institute fellows have been working across the globe at the most senior of levels on a variety of concerns. 

In Washington, our fellows have been working with the administration and others on, but not limited to:

  • Abraham Accords
  • Israel Palestinian peace
  • Alternative threats
  • A practical multi-tiered program to combat the rise of antisemitism
  • Technological threats and practical solutions to election security

Our global fellows have been working with global leaders on other areas of Western concern including:

  • Trans-Atlantic issues of trade and security
  • Strategic partnerships between countries
  • Practical solutions to confront a rising China
  • Pursuing stability for our friends the regions of Kurdistan and beyond.

With our success and growth, there comes an increased need for your support. Please consider supporting the Gold Institute with a one time or monthly contribution. It is only the support of concerned people like you that makes our work possible.

I encourage you to hear what our global representation has to say about the important work of the Gold Institute for International Strategy. 

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected], or to our VP of Operations Shana Forta at [email protected]


Eli M. Gold


Gold Institute for International Strategy

444 North Capitol Street N.W., Suite 840
Washington, DC 20001

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