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Letter from Our Founders...

GodWork Foundation is a purpose driven organization that integrates Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship education for youth in disinvested communities. We are an independent, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity registered in good standing with the IRS and donations to GodWork Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Any single contribution of $250 or more, whether by cash, check, or credit card, will be supported with a receipt from GodWork Foundation.

Our core components which are Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship, have been designed to accelerate academic, social and cultural awareness. Our approach is diverse, ranging from Girls Who Code to Authentic Manhood, Music Therapy, and Entrepreneurship Essentials. We have over 30 years combined Enterprise System Engineering, IT Client Services, QA and Project Management experience; along with a host of entrepreneur and volunteer endeavors. Now growing up, we didn't always possess these skills, nor did we have the resources available in our communities to expand our knowledge in these areas.    

Therefore, GodWork Foundation is on a mission to creatively engage, mobilize and motivate young people to significant efforts of positivity, success, and exposure to alternative lifestyle habits as opposed to gang activity, drugs, peer pressure, etc.  

While our goal is to create innovative outlets and alternative lifestyle habits for our young people, so they can work with a purpose in mind. With the launch of our first Youth Tech Hub, G.L.O.W. in Joliet, IL we are thriving to double down on our efforts and launch multiple G.L.O.W. satellite hubs in the near future. As we continue to expose and provide these resources to our community; in turn, we begin to cultivate a generation of young people making a concrete difference in the world via Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship.
As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your support and you can help accelerate our cause in up to 4 ways:

1. Donations of cash / debit / credit  
2. Purchase apparel at 
3. Equipment donations &
4. Volunteer hours via GetInvolved  

In order to successfully run our programs, we are constantly in need of staying up to date with our technology. Currently, we have received Windows based PC's that are almost, end of life but we were able to refurbish them in order to jump start G.L.O.W., but we have so much more to do and offer through our programs. 

Your contributions will focus on:

* Building out the remainder of G.L.O.W. Youth Tech Hub to support 12 – 15 students year round
* Hardware: 7 Macbook Pro laptops and 6 Mac Minis, 12 – 15 tablets
* Software: 12 – 15 Adobe and Final Cut Suites for photo editing / filmmaking
* Hardware: Recording interface, speakers, microphone, pre amp
* Software: Protools 11 licensing for professional audio recording / mixing / editing
* Licensing: Microsoft Windows 10 and MS Office products both Mac and PC for each machine
* 7 HD Cameras for filmmaking program
* Hardware to build 12 - 15 custom PC's for thriving students
* Furniture, chairs, table / desk for workspace
* 6 foot whiteboard on wheels for collaborative meetings
* High Speed Internet
* IP Phones office / conference
* PC Test Bench / Repair Tech Workbench  
* Administrative equipment: Multifunction Printer, Paper, Pens, Notebooks, Folders, etc
* Additional Support Staff: Part-time support from the local community
* Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

GodWork Foundation provides a unique and innovative experience through our core components and young people will have the ability to creatively interact with one another while increasing their technical knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset. They will also be able to participate in additional programs such as computer basics, music therapy and young entrepreneurs thriving outlets which are all heavily driven by technology under the guidance and supervision of an experienced staff. 

At GodWork Foundation , young people will gain a greater understanding of themselves as they begin to work with purpose. The “aha” moments begin to occur and they realize the impact they can make on others and the environments they live in. This is WHY we exist and we hope that you will join and support us in this noble effort. Thank you in advance for your generous support as you are truly making a concrete difference.

All the best,

KaVonte & Michele Carthron
"We are His workmanship, making a concrete difference in the world..."