Gather for Goats

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    A goat can mean everything, even survival, for a refugee family.

    We have committed to purchasing a total of 800 goats for 400 Syrian refugee families living on the Jordan/Syria border. 

    Why goats? 

    1. NUTRITION. Goats support nutritional needs of the refugees with milk, who currently lack a stable food supply, especially protein. 
    2. INCOME. goats provide sustainable income for the families who can sell both the milk and the offspring.
    3. LIFESTYLE. Goats support the Bedouin natural lifestyle that they have enjoyed for centuries. We are providing them with their innate ways of supporting themselves and their families. This also brings psychological support, as it is a returning a piece of normalcy, a piece of familiarity.

    Lifting Hands is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Tax receipts are issued by email upon donation. 

    Lifting Hands International guarantees that all donations will go towards helping refugees. In the field of refugee assistance, however, new needs can emerge and circumstances in the field can change rapidly. Consequently, funds may occasionally need to be redirected to projects or programs other than those for which they were initially designated.