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Each day in Mexico, thousands of dogs suffer terrible neglect and abuse simply because they have no home and no one to love them. 

Dogs like Rosa.

Rosa was found by a kind-hearted person who saw her crossing a busy highway daily. One morning, the person followed Rosa down a narrow alley to a cardboard box where she had hidden her eight newborn puppies to keep them safe. Her rescuer quickly realized Rosa was crossing the highway to scavenge food for herself so she could keep her strength while nursing. 

Rosa must have been so scared trying to protect her babies. And she was painfully thin from trying to feed the pups while also trying to find any scrap of food to feed herself. But when she saw her rescuer, her tail wagged in relief.

Thankfully, Rosa’s rescuer brought Rosa and her pups to SOS El Arca Animal Rescue where, because of people like you, Rosa and her babies received all the loving care they needed. Best of all, Rosa was spayed so she would never have to face giving birth scared and alone again.

A humane, no-kill animal rescue in Playa Del Carmen, SOS El Arca works tirelessly to rescue abandoned, injured, and mistreated dogs like Rosa. And the job is never ending as Mexico has one of the world's largest populations of stray dogs. More than 40,000 homeless dogs roam the streets of Playa del Carmen alone.

Even worse, most of these dogs are not fixed, unvaccinated, and suffer from lack of food, lack of shelter, and unimaginable injuries from living on the streets.

The most effective way to stop this needless suffering is to reduce the number of homeless dogs. That’s why SOS El Arca has committed to providing free 3-day spay/neuter clinics over three years. During each clinic, 30+ volunteers and four veterinarians come together for 72 hours to fix as many dogs as possible.

In 2022, 8 Clinics were held and  3500 animals were spayed/neutered at the clinics. The best news of all? If they can host one clinic per month, SOS El Arca could end Playa del Carmen’s homeless dog population in just three years, ending the horrific cycle of suffering and neglect.

But your help is desperately needed to ensure these life-saving clinics continue! Unfortunately, last year three clinics  were canceled due to a lack of funding, meaning hundreds of dogs could not be fixed.

Will you make sure that doesn’t happen again?

Your donation today to Global United Foundation will provide SOS El Arca with the monies they desperately need to continue the clinics. And your generosity will change lives for dogs like Rosa because fewer dogs will be unwanted and unloved, living on the streets alone. 

Please donate today to fund the life-saving clinics and give suffering dogs a fighting chance for a brighter future. Thank you for being a lifesaver!

 *Donations are tax deductible. If you can’t donate, you can still make a huge difference by sharing with your friends and connections.