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      Two thousand years ago, one teenage Jewish girl had the radical faith to be obedient to God. One man had the strength to deny all temptation and to remain sinless. In the midst of a fierce storm, one man had the authority to tame the sea into obedience. Unafraid of judgment, one unnamed woman had the boldness to anoint her lord's feet and expressed her love with extravagance. With five loaves of bread and two fish in hand, one young boy emerged from the crowd. And on one very Good Friday, one great God so loved the world He gave His one and only son. 


      In so many ways, this is the beginning of The River’s Edge Ranch story. Because of God's great love, we have been called to restore lives, heal families and call out destiny one man at a time.


      In this season, we are on the threshold of making room to welcome more men to The River’s Edge Ranch than ever before. When a man steps onto the Ranch we know that his hope will be restored, he will be empowered to live an abundant life and he will be transformed, one day at a time. 


      Today, our ask is simple, Give for One.

      Donate today to help us reach our goal of raising $250,000. 


      When you Give for One, your donation will not only be matched but will also be multiplied. A supporting organization has pledged to grant us $1,000,000 when we succeed at reaching our goal of $250,000 for a total of $1,250,000 dollars


      Give For One Rancher

      Give For One Million Dollars

      OUR GOAL

      To successfully raise the $250,000 to fully satisfy the terms of the grant awarded to us by July 15, 2021. Ultimately our goal is to raise $1,000,000 through this means.


      The stories of each one of the Ranchers you will hear throughout the night tonight are just a small representation of the hundreds of people who have been touched by the ministry of The River’s Edge Ranch since it opened in 2007. Over this past year, it has become clear that we have outgrown our current capacity at the Phase One, Ranch Property.. The expanded facilities at our Phase One property will meet a huge need, and provide room and possibility for The River’s Edge Ranch to more adequately provide care for those seeking recovery from the travails of substance abuse, in Jesus' Name.


      We will have the capacity to accommodate 50 men at any one time, increasing our current maximum capacity of 30 ranchers by 20. Studies have shown long-term residential facilities, substance abuse recovery and rehabilitation services as used in our programs at the Ranch provide the best chance for recovery. Our planned developments will allow us to begin to meet the growing demand for substance abuse recovery in our community.


      Ultimately, our expanded facilities will allow us to convert our Phase Two Property as housing  accommodation to support a Women’s Ranch complete with specially designed services exclusively for women.


      As the Ranch moves forward in 2021 and beyond, our plans call not only for offering expanded services to more men annually but creating a separate, parallel Ranch program for women.

      Each of the following projects are planned in support of the Ranch’s future expansion:

      • RENOVATE AND EXPAND CURRENT BUNKHOUSE ACCOMMODATIONS to increase housing capacity from 18 to 50 men.

      • EXPAND KITCHEN AND DINING HALL FACILITIES to increase food production and seating to accommodate 50+ persons.

      • INSTALL COMMERCIAL BATHROOMS AND SHOWER STALLS to accommodate additional men and guests.

      • BUILD A NEW CHAPEL to accommodate more men.

      • CONVERT CURRENT CHAPEL into an indoor gym.

      • RENOVATE WORKOUT AREA to provide an enclosed area for newly donated exercise equipment.

      • OPEN VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM for men on the Ranch.

      • CONSTRUCT BARN to house livestock, including cattle and horses, as well as feed and equipment

      • REBUILD PIG PEN to accommodate more livestock.

      • ACQUIRE ADDITIONAL VEHICLES including two vans and two trucks to accommodate movement of additional Ranch participants and supplies.

      • ESTABLISH NEW PAID STAFF POSITIONS to support Ranches growth and expanded services including certified counseling and pastoral guidance.

      • CONVERT PHASE TWO PROPERTY INTO A WOMEN’S RANCH to provide housing accommodations and specially designed Ranch services exclusively for women.