GetAcross - Help Refugees with Language Barriers

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Get Across helps refugees freely communicate across language barriers thanks to volunteer interpreters.

We made an app for refugees, aid workers and volunteers, medics, officials, asylum lawyers, and the like, to be able to communicate with each other in their own languages, by quickly connecting them with a remote interpreter. 

How the GetAcross app works:

  1. Sign up, indicating what languages you know
  2. Pick what language the other person speaks
  3. Make the request
  4. A handful of interpreters are notified (via their phone)
  5. You are connected (over voice chat) with first volunteer who's available and responds 
  6. They'll interpret between you and the other person
  7. After the call you can rate each other

Please visit and sign up if you speak more than one language. And download the app if you are working or volunteering in the field, or a refugee yourself.

We're passionate about helping people in need be able to communicate across language barriers. Give us a hand!