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Although there are any number of Non-Profit organizations who propose to help the under served we still have too many issues prevalent in the world we live in.  I believe; like Frederick Douglass that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  Tweetland Inc. started out as a fun and wacky children’s book series I wrote when I was 13 years old.  The series evolved over the decades and I eventually turned it into a means to help other under served children in this great city we call home.  Tweetland Inc. helps motivate children to exercise, eat healthily, care for themselves and others, and see past our differences to our commonalities.  We do this through exercise boot camps, theater, workshops and group activities.  We also hope to offer scholarships in the future.  That would be awesome!

While we are already offering  kiddy exercise boot camps throughout NYC Parks and an educational play in theaters; our personal funds can only go so far so we need your help to accomplish our goals.

You can help ensure all children get the same access to healthy foods and productive life style information.  We live in a “fish bowl” and wherever we slack and whomever we neglect… it will come back to effect the rest of us. Your support is key in solving these problems with successful solutions.

Would you consider donating any amount (we’re not picky) to help us achieve our mission?