Wix Donation App - Donation Forms for Wix Users

  • Add Donorbox to your wix website to safely and securely raise money online.
  • With Donorbox you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover directly on your website.
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Nonprofit fundraising - donations forms for nonprofits
Donorbox is Available for Businesses in 25 Countries!

What is Wix?

Wix is everything you need to create your stunning website. More than 110 Million people in 180 countries choose wix for their website.

Donorbox Supercharges Wix Websites

Donorbox is an easy to use fundraising software, which can be easily integrated with your Wix website.
Easy and free to use!
Designed to make the donation process quick and easy for donors, ensuring that your nonprofit will never lose a donor because there were too many steps in completing a donation.
Robust yet simple, responsive and smart, designed to fit into your Wix site

Wix Donation Page for Everyone

All-in-one donation pages keep the process simple so donors don’t navigate away from your page
Recurring donation forms for Nonprofits
Donation forms, Donate button
Donation processing - Fundraising software for nonprofits
Donation forms for nonprofits

Online Fundraising for NonProfits

Keep your Branding

  • Customize each donation page to feed into specific campaigns
  • You don’t need to be a payments or coding expert to support the newest features that improve donor experience and conversions.
  • With one, unified platform, you’ll be ready to immediately support thousands of donors.

Awesome Donor management

  • Easily receive one time donation or recurring donations.
  • One-click “recurring donation” option on every donation form makes it easy for donors to give more regularly
  • Donors have full control over recurring donations
  • Seamless Employer Donation Matching
  • Export donor data as csv. Auto-export donor data to Mailchimp and Salesforce NPSP.

Integration Partners

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How to install Wix Donation App - Donation Forms on Wix

Join 8000+ organization using Donorbox.

They include charities, schools, churches, political campaigns, and medical research.

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