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    GaneshSpace Operating Fund

    About Us

    GaneshSpace is a grassroots community organization dedicated to advancing social justice through mindfulness education. By healing and reflecting on the identities and biases we embody, we can create collective change together.  And that it can start with our breath.

    Started in June 2019, GaneshSpace leads conversations on equity and inclusion around mental health and wellness. We have continued to center voices and experiences of the most marginalized and provided groundbreaking education through the lens of mindfulness and social justice.

    Our Approach

    "Through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us." — Kimberlé Crenshaw

    We offer a diverse range of healing spaces, educational programs, and resources to help navigate issues around race, gender, sexuality and the body. Our programs are carefully curated, recognizing the nuanced complexity of intersectionality and that everyone experiences power and privilege differently.

    Our Vision

    Many of us are feeling disempowered and angry at the way the world is treating us. We have lost our sense of belonging and community. Shame permeates through so many of our decisions, leaving us alone and shrouded in heartbreak. And even when we want to take the steps to change, we don't seem to have the right tools to navigate the complex identities we hold. So we're often at a standstill — feeling helpless or like we're performing.

    At GaneshSpace, our mission is to change all of that through mindfulness education. We believe that we all have the capacity to listen deeply and to be compassionate towards ourselves and each other.

    We believe that we can create real change from the inside out. It all starts with your breath.

    Through our programs, participants are able to:

    • Identify how oppression and bias has internalized in their body;

    • Learn different techniques and methods to heal from that internalization;

    • Start/Continue a mindfulness practice rooted in self-care and joy;

    • Cultivate compassion and empathy for others; while still finding ways to hold other accountable;

    • Develop deep listening and awareness of themselves and others;

    • See what role they can play in paving a path towards equity, from their position of power and privilege;

    • Learn a wide breadth of history, perspectives and walk away with an understanding and embodiment of their intersectional identity.

    Why We Are Fundraising

    GaneshSpace is currently run by mindfulness teachers volunteering their time to provide healing spaces for marginalized communities. By helping fundraise for us, you'll be creating a foundation for a financially sustainable future for our organization and ensure our programs will continue.

    For the past two years, GaneshSpace has been solely funded by its Founder Kim Thai, and as our community continues to grow, your support will directly help us shift the very systems that are continuing to keep us small (from social media algorithms to people in power who want to remain in power).

    With your support, we can continue to center the needs of the most marginalized to create collective healing and change for all of us.

    What Your Donation Is Going Towards 

    Our programs are directly designed to create personal transformation for collective change. With your support, we will be able to build a more compassionate and equitable world or all of us. 


    • GroupSpaces: This equity-driven 6-week mindfulness program aims to provide you a space to be seen and heard, tools to embark on your healing journey, and a community that is for systemic change. We cover: The Root of Harmful Narratives, The Global Impacts of Race, The Construct of Gender, Owning Your Sexuality, Freedom for All Bodies, Liberation for All.

    • Compassionate Conversations (In-Person and Virtual): A radical quarterly, seasonal event featuring the most trailblazing thought leaders in the wellness and social justice movements. Our topics focus on personal healing and transformation and the necessary work that needs to be done, starting with the self before we can go out and change the world. These conversations are intended to cultivate awareness and uplift our lived experiences around race, gender, body and sexuality. Past topics include: Empowering the Other, prideXpurpose, Liberating the Body, Honoring Native American Heritage Month and more. 

    • Community Reflection Circles: A monthly community gathering, grounded in mindfulness, centered around self-reflection. These circles are an opportunity for our community to come together in a brace space and be heard, affirmed and seen. By practicing expression and uplifting each other, it is our hope that compassion will be cultivated into our everyday lives.

    • Meditating on What Matters: A weekly digital publication that uplifts the voices and lived experiences of the marginalized, and is a resource for anyone invested in creating equity. For more, read Meditating on What Matters.

    Fiscal Transparency