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Welcome to Essence Health and Research (EH&R) Foundation (Trade Name: Project Thrive), a 501c3 nonprofit that provides clinical nutrition/nutrigenomics services, public health education and guidance, research services, yoga instruction and teacher trainings/workshops, nutrition and inflammation classes, emergency nutrition kits, and emergency/disaster relief.   Your donation has a powerful effect on the programs and services at Project Thrive and can help make a powerful impact in Sammamish WA and surrounding communities and in the state of Washington.  Thank you so much for your contribution!

Your purchase of services and donations to Project Thrive are all tax deductible and help to provide funding for services, classes, programs, and emergency nutrition kits to help those who are vulnerable, in poverty / low income, are medically challenged and cannot afford services otherwise, and groups and businesses in Sammamish WA and surrounding communities during emergency and disaster times. 

Project Thrive is the precision nutrition and medicine initiative 501c3 nonprofit arm of Essence Health and Research LLC where specific projects or fundraisers will be created for the efforts of helping to provide stronger public health education, research, and awareness of how nutrition and genetics play a powerful role in chronic disease, inflammation, health conditions, body toxicity, and prevention of disease.  These services are designed to reach the Sammamish and surrounding communities, especially need based and vulnerable populations. 

SERVICES/COSTS (to help you determine your donation amount)

Clinical Nutrition/Nutrigenomics services ($40-200 for initial and follow up visits) are specifically designed for those with autoimmune/chronic inflammatory health conditions, weight issues, emotional eating issues, food sensitivities/allergens, addiction, depression/anxiety, and more.  Assessments of vitamin/mineral deficiencies are critical for transformational change in health. 

Public Health education work ($0-$100) through this nonprofit include classes/trainings, booklets, and regular education pieces to share with the local community and WA state to stay up to date on critical health information related to chronic disease, the immune system, how to use nutrition correctly, how to interpret research, and more. Services can cost from $25-200 depending on needs. 

Yoga Instruction (one-on-one or group classes, $10-60) and the Essence Yoga Teacher Training Program (200 Hour, Yoga Alliance approved, $750-$3000) are also a valuable addition of services for this nonprofit and your donation makes it possible to provide scholarships for classes, programs, and workshops for those in need. 

Emergency Nutrition Kits ($25-200) are specialized kits with vitamins, minerals, and non-perishable foods that are found by research to help specific populations, those with specific vitamin/mineral deficiencies, to help during emergency/disaster times, and those with chronic diseases.  These kits can be created for the individual, for groups, or for emergency/disaster needs. They can be donated to groups like the homeless, those with addiction and depression/anxiety, families/individuals in need, hospitals, first responders, and more. They can also be purchased for individual, family, and business needs. The purpose of these kits are to help people thrive to get specific vitamins and minerals to feed the brain and body without the harmful effects of adding in foods that may be contributing to chronic disease and poor health.  Each kit has important education about how to use it why the chosen products and foods help the body during crisis and need.

Thank you so much for supporting us and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Jennifer Coomes, CN, MSCRM, MS, MS, BA, E-RYT

Executive Director, Essence Health and Research (EH&R) Foundation / Project Thrive

[email protected]


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