Dear Friends and Supporters, We are writing to you today to bring attention to a pressing issue in Kenya - the shortage of clean water. Susan and Richard, a married couple with a 6-year-old daughter, own Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd in a rural area of Kenya where access to clean water is a constant challenge. Despite this, they have been tirelessly providing fresh water to local schools, orphanages, and even hospitals for many years - completely free of charge. Unfortunately, the current water truck they are hiring to transport water to these establishments is not equipped with a stainless steel tank and has become rusted, causing concern over the safety and cleanliness of the water. Additionally, due to recent circumstances including poor health of Richard and the loss of their main source of income abroad, and the outbreak of cholera in the area, they have found themselves struggling to keep up with the demand for water and maintain the pumps that extract water from their borehole. The situation in Kenya is dire. According to a recent report, over 30 million people in Kenya lack access to safe water, leading to widespread water-borne diseases such as cholera. This not only affects the health of individuals but also hinders economic growth and development. Susan and Richard are determined to make a difference and continue to support their local community. They are seeking donations to raise funds for a new water tanker equipped with a stainless steel tank that will ensure the safe transportation of clean water to schools, orphanages, and hospitals in the area. Your support will help to improve the lives of countless individuals and families in the community. We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, but any support you can provide, no matter how small, will go a long way in helping Susan, Richard, and their community. Your generosity will make a real difference in the lives of those in need and bring hope to an area that desperately needs it. Together, we can make a difference. Please share this post and spread the word to your friends and family. Let us show our support for Susan, Richard, and their community. Sincerely, Jeff Slater Ph.D.


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