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The Christian Left is an online ministry and community for Christian progressives and their allies. It’s a place to gather any time of day, 7 days a week, no matter where you live. We put the words and actions of Jesus front and center in everything we do.

Tens of thousands of people have told us over the years that TCL is a literal lifeline for them. Several LGBTQIA+ folks have said they were entertaining suicide until they found TCL. We were one of the first national Christian ministries to fully support marriage equality. That's just the beginning of our story. One of the things we hear almost every day is some variation of: "Finally! A place for me!"

The Christian Left is a place where members can discuss current events, news of the day, culture, politics, philosophy, theology, music, and anything else worthy of discussion. All discussion takes place on the backdrop of the life of Jesus and his teachings. It’s a place where members won’t be harassed by conservative “Christians,” Republicans, or naysayers of any kind. It’s a haven. 

Anyone can be a member. All we ask is that people join us if they want to be a part of what we have to offer, not to debate with us, insult us, or try to convince us of their point of view. We are not a debate society.

The founding members of The Christian Left take part in political action. They have traveled all over the country to participate in gatherings and events where political action is taking place. As an organization we'll be increasing this kind of action in 2020. It's a pivotal year for the future of our nation. 

How many Christian organizations do you know of these days advocating for progressive policy? There aren't many and we were one of the first in the era of social media having launched in 2009.

Like you, we understand that modern conservative policy has turned its back on all who need any kind of help from society, those that Jesus called ‘the least of these.’ Our modern economic system has become the 'law of the jungle.' Only the richest, strongest and smartest receive help. "The rest are just lazy freeloaders who deserve what they get, which is nothing." That's how conservative ideology views it whether its followers realize it or not, and it's the opposite of everything Jesus ever said. 

It’s a mystery to us why 80% of white evangelicals vote Republican. It makes no sense, unless you factor in the amount of money conservative groups have spent on messaging aimed at the church.

A counter-narrative to the ideology and messaging of The "Christian" Right couldn't be more important at this particular time in history. They spend billions on conservative policy messaging every year, and they tie it to the Christian faith. They tie it to Jesus. That’s blasphemy in our opinion.

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The Christian Left

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* The Christian Left participates in the political process. We're progressives. We are NOT 'nonpartisan.' While many other Christian organizations claim to be nonpartisan they really aren't. We think that's dishonest. For all of these reasons we are not a non-profit and contributions are not tax deductible.

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Thanks So Much For Your Generous Support Of Our Mission!

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The Christian Left participates in the political process. We're progressives. We are NOT 'nonpartisan.' While many other Christian organizations claim to be nonpartisan they really aren't. We think that's dishonest. For all of these reasons we are not a non-profit and contributions are not tax deductible.

Donor Wall261


Thank you for all that you do!!! Thousands of very good people have your back! I will stand with you! God bless!

Valerie Connor | $26.27

Nancy | $26.27

Keep up the good job!

Earnie Boyd

Thank you for being God's voice of love. I'll be praying for good outcome between you and Lace. Keep up the good work.

Janet | $26.27

TCL helps me every day to not lose faith.

Michelle Hiseley | $50

Karen | $26.27

You are right to get the FBI involved. Facebook is not doing anything.

Grace | $26.27

Thank you for existing and for your work.

Anita | $100

Anonymous | $5


"I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." Keep the faith! Thanks for you wonderful work!

Renee Slaght | $21.08

Heather | $26.27

I'm part of the Exvangelical community, but I found you guys first. You helped me know I wasn't crazy and I wasn't alone while I was coming out of a toxic faith situation. I am not a Christian anymore, but I believe in what you do and consider you allies. Thank you!

Elizabeth | $52.23

In honor of John Lewis and other notable pacifists, keep up the "good trouble" in fighting the hatred and intolerance that trolls the virtual and physical world! I am a faithful follower from your earliest days on Facebook, a student of spiritual matters who takes the "love thy neighbor" creed to heart. Not always easy to do but as John Lewis taught, important to protest with love.


Godspeed, you guys. We know from St. Paul's many letters, that we will be persecuted for following g Jesus. We are all together and we will continue to love, serve, and follow the Lord.

Michael Swanson | $15


Keep up the good work you are doing actually following the teachings of Jesus in actually caring for all, supporting social justice, as he has told us to do.

Christopher | $25

Mary | $104.15

Keep up the good fight!

Lowrey Fleming | $25


Your service to this community is so valuable in these perilous times. Thank you so much.

Adam | $26.27

I'm sorry this is happening. These people are sick. Just like the people here in Chicago who twisted the purpose of BLM to excuse the looting earlier this week. I've been at BLM protests and bought shirts that I feel like I can't wear now that the meaning has been warped.

Eruejerien | $104.15

For your legal defense fund. You all are fighting the good fight against cyber bullying and to get back to your good works of social justice.

Troy | $26.27

Thank you for all you do to spread God's love.

Sandra Blankenship | $26.27

So grateful for you. For your commitment. For you making us all feel like we belong. Being part of the TCL family lets me know that there are 10's of thousands of other Christians that lean left and love others as Christ loves us.

Ramona | $26.27

As we said back in the day, "Keep the faith, baby" and never doubt that you are indeed doing the good fight.

Lisa Tankersley

I've shared your email to my fb page in an effort to educate my friends about you all and this whole situation...i wish I could give more, but hopefully some FB friends may be able to join in on this cause as well.

Orrin Carpenter | $52.23

You strengthen me daily, TCL, with resolve to continue being a part of the solution in my life, community and country.

MICHAEL | $31.46

Sandra Weinrauch | $25

Remain resilient and know that the opposition wouldn’t fight so hard if they weren’t afraid that we are on the right side and strong!