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"80% of white Evangelicals vote Republican in the US and supported Donald Trump in the 2020 election." 

Really? How can that be? It's true. 

It's obvious to a large number of people that organized Christianity in the US has gone off the rails. Republican ideology is as far away from the teachings of Jesus as you can get. It's a cruel, selfish ideology unless you're rich and enjoy seeing the least of these thrown under the bus. After being active since 2009 we've only just begun to reach the millions who see this situation for what it is. 

There's never been a more important time to join us with your financial support. A counter-narrative to multi-million dollar message machine that is The "Christian" Right is desperately needed. We are experienced and well equipped to present that counter-narrative. We've already been doing so for over a decade.  

(Note): A few people already make a monthly contribution through Paypal. There is no need to modify that. We added this service by 'Donorbox' so new contributors have the opportunity to use expanded methods beyond just Paypal. Many have requested this throughout the years. As always, we very much appreciate your sustaining contribution. You are the only reason we've been able to keep our mission alive for over a decade. 

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The Christian Left is an online ministry and community for Christian progressives and their allies. It’s a place to gather any time of day, 7 days a week, no matter where you live. We put the words and actions of Jesus front and center in everything we do.

Tens of thousands of people have told us over the years that TCL is a literal lifeline for them.  We were one of the first national Christian ministries to fully support marriage equality. Several LGBTQIA+ folks have said they were entertaining suicide until they found TCL. That's just the beginning of our story. One of the things we hear almost every day is some variation of: "Finally! A place for me!"

The Christian Left is a place where members can discuss current events, news of the day, culture, politics, philosophy, theology, music, and anything else worthy of discussion. All discussion takes place on the backdrop of the life of Jesus and his teachings. It’s a place where members won’t be harassed by conservative “Christians,” Republicans, or naysayers of any kind. It’s a haven. 

Anyone can be a member. All we ask is that people join us if they want to be a part of what we have to offer, not to debate with us, insult us, or try to convince us of their point of view. We are not a debate society.

The founding members of The Christian Left take part in political action. They have traveled all over the country to participate in gatherings and events where political action is taking place. As an organization we'll be increasing this kind of action in 2021. It's going to be a pivotal year for the future of our nation. We weren't able to get out and do much during 2020. The virus stopped everything. That all changes with the new year. We're ready to bust out of the social justice action gates.

How many Christian organizations do you know of these days advocating for progressive policy? There aren't many and we were one of the first in the era of social media having launched in 2009.

Like you, we understand that modern conservative policy has turned its back on all who need any kind of help from society, those that Jesus called ‘the least of these.’ Our modern economic system has become the 'law of the jungle.' Only the richest, strongest and smartest receive help. "The rest are just lazy freeloaders who deserve what they get, which is nothing." That's how conservative ideology views it whether its followers realize it or not, and it's the opposite of everything Jesus ever said. 

It’s a mystery to us why 80% of white evangelicals vote Republican. It makes no sense, unless you factor in the amount of money conservative groups have spent on messaging aimed at the church.

A counter-narrative to the ideology and messaging of The "Christian" Right couldn't be more important at this particular time in history. They spend billions on conservative policy messaging every year, and they tie it to the Christian faith. They tie it to Jesus. That’s blasphemy in our opinion.

Become a Friend and Supporter of The Christian Left today. Make a contribution to our ongoing work and activities. Sign up to make it a monthly contribution. We’re user supported. We are not underwritten by any corporation, church, individual or group.

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The Christian Left

2001 NE Aloclek Dr. Box #108

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* The Christian Left participates in the political process. We're progressives. We are NOT 'nonpartisan.' While many other Christian organizations claim to be nonpartisan they really aren't. We think that's dishonest. For all of these reasons we are not a non-profit and contributions are not tax deductible.

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Thanks So Much For Your Generous Support Of Our Mission!

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The Christian Left participates in the political process. We're progressives. We are NOT 'nonpartisan.' While many other Christian organizations claim to be nonpartisan they really aren't. We think that's dishonest. For all of these reasons we are not a non-profit and contributions are not tax deductible.

Donor Wall356

William | $50

Need you now more than ever!


As a secular humanist, I don't share all your beliefs, but I share your values. Keep up the good work.

David Trautman | $20

Douglas Hagler | $26.27


Thank you for all you do!!!

Teri | $10.70

I'm 50, raised evangelical but an atheist since my 20s. Because I was raised with such a judgmental religion it's very heartwarming for me to see compassionate religious people.

Ivania | $5

If I could I would give much more but I think it's that type of thinking that stops me from donating. Then I think who wouldnt appreciate 5 bucks. I mean if someone came up to me and said good job here's $5, I'd take it and say ty. So here ya go, $5 good job... but if i could it would be $500. Thank you for what you do!

John Yoakum | $100

Paul Wells | $31.46

Don | $52.23

I love the bumper sticker but I won't sign up for yet another pay intermediary. Y'all are great, and I don't mind saying so by donating as if I had ordered several stickers.

Muriel Heanue | $52.23

I am thankful for you and the great work you do for us liberal Christians.

Mike | $52.23

Daniel Getachre | $200

Be safe. Praying for you and yours. Please continue the wonderful work you. Yours in Christ. -Daniel

David Ferris | $208

Jeffrey | $5.50

I'm not a Christian strictly, but I fully support the Christian Left. Liberal Christians are more in line with the Jesus teachings and philosophy than Conservative Christians. The fact is the way Jesus is portrayed in the Gospels, he was very Liberal. There is even a book called Jesus Was a Liberal. Conservatives Christians have distorted Christianity, or more specifically what Jesus was all about while on Earth. To me, the Radical Religious Right Conservative Christians/Evangelicals have missed the boat and don't even know it yet. When the blind lead the blind, they both fall into a ditch.

Lynne | $21.08

God bless you for your efforts to put out what jesus was all about.

John Smiley Taylor | $26.27

"What we must reconquer and reform is our entire world. Persersonal conversion and structural reform cannot be separated". Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S. J. 1975


It is immoral to deprive people of their livelihood. Abortion providers will lose their livelihood if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The Christian thing to do is not only to work to ensure that abortion remains safe and legal, but also that its frequency is continually increasing.

Gerald Iversen | $25

ed steck | $5.50/M

Joyce Bibzak

Robert | $10.70

I'm unemployed right now, do this is all that I can afford.

Joshua Mitchell | $10.70/M

I am not a Christian exactly, however I deeply support your mission and the real love and true progressive values this organization holds dear, so I absolutely consider myself an ally. Hopefully you'll consider me one as well. Please do everything you can to help us get this avatar of greed and gluttony out of the White House, and hopefully clear the Senate as well.


Thanks for speaking up for us!

lynne miller | $10.70

I'm so thankful for this dedicated group, and only wish I had unlimited funds so you could all live in luxury! (Though I know you wouldn't, you'd just plow it back into the cause!)


Keep up the work for that crazy liberal Jesus guy!

Kathleen Maley | $52.23

Thanks for being our voice of the Christian Left

Mary | $25


I am a Christian in that I work to obey Jesus’s commands of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and charity, though I do not belong to any religious denomination. This organization welcomes me whatever I call myself.


Sorry that it's been a while. Y'all are the kind of Christians this atheist really appreciates -- 'cause you understand what Jesus was REALLY all about.