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Many have requested this throughout the years. As always, we very much appreciate your sustaining contribution. You are the only reason we've been able to keep our mission alive for over a decade. 

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The Christian Left Is Dangerously Low On Operational Resources

We’re been active every day for 12 years. We’re an online ministry and community for like-minded Christians and their allies. Many of you have been with us for a long time. You know who we are and what we do. 

We post a sermon delivered from our own Rev. Mark Sandlin each Sunday. We post at least one scripture each morning and usually more throughout the day. We post at least one article on Theology each day. We present up-to-the-minute news from respected sources each day for discussion among community members. We take action around the nation in support of the least of these.

It’s been a rough couple of years. 2021 was a slow summer and the last two years have been filled with circumstances we’ve all lived through together. We need your help at this time to be able to operate as we have for 12 years. We survive on a shoestring budget with a bare-bones staff. We always have. None of us is in this to be wealthy or famous. All of us barely get by ourselves and we all have families. 

This is our passion. It never gets old for us. Moving on to something else after 12 years would be heartbreaking for us, and to many in the TCL community.

Please make a contribution today. Sign up to make it monthly. Any amount helps. For the rest of the year, if you sign up for a monthly contribution of $75 or more, we’ll add you to a list of “Cornerstone Members.” Throughout the year we will contact you by email with surveys on where you’d like to see us go as a ministry. 

Cornerstone membership is just now in the planning stages so there will be more details to come moving forward. If you already donate $75 or more per month you will be added to the list automatically. If $75 per month is too much for your budget, not to worry. We will send out at least one big survey to all donors as well.

The Christian Left has been active 365 days a year for over a decade. One of the things we hear almost every day is some variation of: "Finally! A place for me!"

Based on the input we receive every day we know this ministry is needed and valued. Please do what you can during these lean times of need on our part.

— The Christian Left

Additional Details: As stated above, we have expanded our secure methods of accepting contributions. You can use PayPal, or you can now enter card information directly using our new system powered by ‘Donorbox’ with ‘Stripe’ integration. The same system allows simple and secure bank transfers as well. Expanding our ability to accept contributions through various methods has been something members have requested for years. Best of all, it's easy and secure!

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If you prefer mail our address is:

The Christian Left

2001 NE Aloclek Dr. Box #108

Hillsboro, OR 97124

* Limitations are placed on speech in order to be a nonprofit. We don't want to be subject to those limitations. For these reasons we are not a nonprofit and contributions are not tax deductible.

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Thanks So Much For Your Generous Support Of Our Mission!

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Limitations are placed on speech in order to be a nonprofit. We don't want to be subject to those limitations. For these reasons we are not a nonprofit and contributions are not tax deductible.

Donor Wall47


Bless you and your excellent work!!

Jone | $50

Keep doing what you are doing!

Nela Long

kelvin | $5

Anonymous | $5


The Christian Right is Neither

Karen Stansbury | $25

Anonymous | $10.70

Thank God for a voice of reason.

Cam Spillman | $100

Anonymous | $104.15

Thank you for all that you do. Please help save our democracy as best you can. These are perilous times!

Anonymous | $52.23

I’m not a member of any religion. This is an organization that deserves support. Every ethical and moral fiber in my body aligns with the message from The Christian Left. Thank you

Lisa Coston | $26.27

I wish it could be more right now. You embody "Good Trouble" and I appreciate the work you all do.

Elena Diane Smith | $15.89


Keep up the Good Works

Andrew | $25

Keep the heat on Senator Manchin. Repubs represent an existential threat not just to democracy but all of the freedoms we believe in.

Angela Taylor | $10.70

Shel Anderson | $10.70

Not a Christian, but I strongly support your message

Claire Hartley | $104.15

Thanks ever so much; I truly appreciate your efforts and dissemination of pertinent information!

Jenny Tubbesing | $25

Thank you for what you do. I’m not “religious” , but I try to live an ethical, moral and generous life

Douglas Mulvaney | $52.23

Thais Carr | $36.66

Diane F Hill | $26.27

Beatriz Vera | $26.27



Cindy Phillips | $100

Thankful for each of you and what you do!

Rev. Michael Kuner | $104.15

Elaine | $5.50

George Hopkins | $52.23

Nielsen J. Paul | $100

Keep up the good work