Helping rescues, reduce the rehoming rate, and pamper piggies everywhere.

We're partnering with rescues and organizations from around the U.S. to help reduce rehoming and find piggies their forever home. These rescues are in desperate need of donations, volunteers, and space. Please consider donating however you can. Even a few hours of volunteer work goes a long way. Over 85% of pet pigs get rehomed because their owners weren't prepared and educated enough about pig life. It costs a rescue over $300 per pig a year to care for it. Please, educate yourself,  get all the facts and help piggies in need.

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        Donor Wall74

        Angela Daggenström | $20

        Tyson & Tamara

        Cindy Larson | $100

        Mia Saldana | $30

        Amy | $25

        Jori | $20

        Laura | $25

        For Betty White Challenge

        Brandy Whitlow | $5

        Georgeann | $50

        Thank you all for your love and dedication!! Pearl the Pig thanks you from the bottom of his tummy and heart!!!

        Red Dog Farm | $25

        Dudley and Pumba want to spend their allowance helping other piggies that need a home.

        Stacy FARRAR | $25

        Pam | $25

        Mary-Jane Wetherell | $10

        Love to all the pigs ❤️🐽❤️


        thank you for everything you do, its so sad so many people get pet pigs thinking they will stay small (because they didn't do their research) than their owners can't take care of them and have to be rehomed to a sanctuary. I love my piggy, Ollie, and I was prepared for him to get big but luckily he has stayed small so he can cuddle with me in bed and on the couch!

        Julie | $20

        I wish I could help them all. Thank you for all you do for these incredible animals.

        Christa | $20

        In honor of my little Millie girl we lost this year. ❤️❤️❤️🐷🐷🐷

        Aliece | $6

        Pam Huxford | $25

        Tia Wilson | $20

        Thank you for saving so many!

        Chris Coleman | $20

        Thank you for helping the pigs!

        Gregg and Sarah Allen | $50

        Cassie | $25

        Tina Prewitt-Brown | $217

        Merry Oinkmas Love Maple

        Tammy | $50

        Kittrice White | $20

        Isla Hanley

        Given on behalf of my boys, Elvis and Pumpkin. They give me so much joy! Bless, pigs and their homes everywhere.


        thanks for all you do for the piggies

        Radu Vaduva | $20

        Amber Ollis | $20

        Mr. Oinker's wishes you the very best holiday!

        Liane | $20