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        Helping rescues, reduce the rehoming rate, and pamper piggies everywhere.

        We're partnering with rescues and organizations from around the U.S. to help reduce rehoming and find piggies their forever home. These rescues are in desperate need of donations, volunteers, and space. Please consider donating however you can. Even a few hours of volunteer work goes a long way. Over 85% of pet pigs get rehomed because their owners weren't prepared and educated enough about pig life. It costs a rescue over $300 per pig a year to care for it. Please, educate yourself,  get all the facts and help piggies in need.

        Donor Wall33

        Julie Fitzsimons

        Gina | $25

        Taylor Manross | $20

        Tina Prewitt-Brown | $50

        Raven Gardner | $10/M

        Sue Heighling | $100

        Oinks from Emmett and Elliott aka The Brothers Pigg 🐷❤️🐷

        Tina Prewitt Brown | $200

        Hogs and Snout kisses, Maple_the_potbelly

        Mark Brown | $250

        With hog hugs and snout kisses Maple_the_potbelly’s dad Mark

        Rachel Roszkowski | $30

        Tina Prewitt-Brown | $100

        With snout kisses, Maples mum

        Elizabeth Cardenas | $100

        Glimmer pig

        Tina Prewitt-Brown | $150

        Sending snout kisses from Maple_the_potbelly

        Rachael Loving


        Thank you for helping these pigs!!

        Kaitlyn Sheridan | $10

        Brandi Pearlman | $50

        Being a pig parent this is disturbing I hope justice is served.

        Grady Roy | $100

        Piggy Pebbles | $1,000

        Cheering you on to $10K!

        Piggy Pebbles | $1,000

        My Favorite Things donation from Piggy Pebbles Charity Set. Thank you for always helping the piggies. <3

        Grady Roy | $100

        Maria Devlin | $100


        Oinks & Hogs 💚 Hoonigan pet pig 💚 🐽

        shawnell ryan | $100

        Millie would like to help her distant brothers and sisters and send this donation packed full of Hogs and Kisses 💗🐽🐖🐷💗

        T and Micaela | $100

        Russell | $50/M

        Mini Pig Podcast | $100

        AR Kingston | $100

        Tina Prewitt-Brown | $100

        Love from maple_the_potbelly

        Juli-Anne Canterbury | $300

        Sent to My Pig Filled Life for a hydraulic cart to transport pigs to the vet

        Kaitlyn | $10

        With love, @biscuit.the.minipig