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Preserve the Past, Protect the Future!

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Fighting Holocaust Denial

Please note, each fundraising target is cumulative and builds upon the completion of the previous goal, encompassing the total costs involved in the restoration and colourisation of all preceding reels as well as the current focus.

GOAL 1: £11,000 (Achieved)

  • Restoration of Ohrdruf and Hadamar Camps: We've successfully restored the first reel, featuring the Ohrdruf and Hadamar Concentration Camps. This crucial step allows us to preserve and share undeniable historical truths.

GOAL 2: £31,000

  • Colourisation of Ohrdruf and Hadamar Camps: Bring the first reel to life in vivid colour. Colourisation helps modern viewers fully grasp the reality of these events, bridging the gap between past and present.

GOAL 3: £62,000

  • Restoration and Colourisation of Breendonck, Hannover, and Arnstadt Camps: Help us restore and colourise the second reel, enhancing the details and emotional depth of the footage, making the history undeniable and impactful.

GOAL 4: £93,000

  • Restoration and Colourisation of Nordhausen and Mauthausen Camps: The third reel needs your support to bring out the stark realities of these notorious sites, further educating and reminding the world of the horrors that occurred.

GOAL 5: £124,000

  • Restoration and Colourisation of Buchenwald and Dachau Camps: As we move to the fourth reel, your contributions will aid in the restoration and colourisation, preserving the legacy and lessons of these camps.

GOAL 6: £155,000

  • Restoration and Colourisation of Bergen Belsen Camp: The fifth reel includes Bergen Belsen, a site of immense historical significance. Help us ensure its lessons endure through enhanced visual storytelling.

GOAL 7: £186,000

  • Restoration and Colourisation of Leipzig and Penig Camps: Complete our project by funding the restoration and colourisation of the sixth reel, featuring Leipzig and Penig. Your support here finalises our efforts to educate and remember through enhanced historical visuals.

Support Our Mission: Each goal met not only brings these historical events into clearer view but also educates and reminds us of the crucial lessons they hold. Join us in this vital work—your donations make this essential preservation possible.