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Feeding Heroes is an initiative by Parenthood Together, 

a global parenting community.

Our fundraising goal to start off with is $50,000. Our goal is to provide a minimum of 5000+ meals to the frontlines while supporting as many small businesses as we can reach. We'd like to start mobilizing as soon as possible. The more funds we raise, the more we can expand into other regions and cover more ground. We hope to break into other community service departments-- first responders & testing centers, etc. 



To encourage and support our community's brave heroes as they stand at the frontlines to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, by providing them with nutritious, delicious meals. 


To support small businesses in industries such as the food industry, who have been affected by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We strive to stimulate businesses so that they can continue to provide jobs & income to workers. 


To promote community involvement, unity & togetherness during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Together we will conquer.


Once you've donated, we encourage you to consider donating on a weekly basis, even a small donation will make an impact to further our mission to serve the frontlines. The COVID-19 has not shown any signs of letting up any time soon. We are going to do this for as long as it is necessary, for as long as we can based on the funds we raise. We hope you'll help us to continue feeding by giving on an on-going basis until COVID-19 virus is defeated

We are so proud to announce that your donations will now be tax-deductible, as we join forces with the 501(c)(3)non-profit, LUNAR NYC Inc. Lunar NYC is also now on Benevity! All donations to #feedingheroes can be matched by your employer! You can forward your email receipt to: [email protected] for corporate matching! 


What areas will you be serving?

We will begin with Long Island, Queens, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn and Westchester communities. Please go to parenthoodtogether.com to suggest hospitals & businesses who currently need us to help. Even if you live in an area outside of these regions, please consider donating to this cause. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are all connected and that county, state, country borders do not separate us. 

What types of meals will be provided to hospital staff?

We have strict procedures and standards. Packaging and contents of the meals must meet sanitary & safety standards. We also want to make sure these meals are easily handled and there is minimal risk of spillage. Meals will be packaged into microwaveable containers, delivered warm or at room temperature, able to be consumed immediately, or at a later time. We will also portion control with each hospital to ensure that there is minimal waste, but that we feed every hungry staff member who works in the units.  Most of our meals will be delicious and nutritious, containing one protein, one vegetable and one carb.

How are you helping the restaurants?

We are often seeking food from award winning restaurants, requesting a menu that is made from high quality ingredients. We are not requesting restaurants donate their food and/or provide any discounts, to ensure that they are able to sustain their businesses & continue to contribute in this way. 

However, if there are food and beverage providers that can donate snacks & beverages, we are looking for a few partners to help us source donations so please send us an email: [email protected]

How do the meal costs break down?

Costs per meal will vary depending on the restaurant partner, but we approximate that it will cost $20 per meal. $7-15 per meal per person + $3 per meal to go directly to the restaurant workers + $2/meal for delivery & transportation costs.

Can you come and service our hospital?

If it were up to us, we would be in every hospital in the country helping out. We are continuing to expand our hospital partner list. Please inquire with us by sending us a message here. 

We are a restaurant that wants to participate in your cause. How can we get involved?

We are continuing to expand in terms of our restaurant partner and hospital partner list. Please inquire with us by sending us a message here.

I would like to start this in my community. How can I get started?

We’re so glad to hear. Let’s not reinvent the wheel— we’ll share our learnings with you. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] to connect. We look forward to helping you mobilize this in your community as well. 

I want to share this with my friends to get them involved. What’s the best way to do this?

There’s nothing better than word of mouth. Please share this page, or the parenthoodtogether.com website, which should lead your friends to this page. From here, they can donate to the cause. Thanks so much for your heart to serve. 

How will Lunar NYC Inc. help Feeding Heroes? 

We are excited to partner with Lunar NYC Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, known best for their strong philanthropic values and promotion of Asian culture. With strong connections across several sectors, they will be a key partner in improving our operational capacity and ability to scale out to other hospital networks outside of NY.

For any additional questions please email us at [email protected]

We also accept checks and electronic wire transfer. Send us an email at [email protected] if you need more information. 

More details about the fundraiser can be found at parenthoodtogether.com

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The Feeding Heroes program is now part of Lunar NYC Inc, which is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. 100% of donations go directly into meals and no administration fee is taken by our volunteers.

Donor Wall76

JOANNE | $1,000



Frontline workers, thank you for doing your jobs every day in spite of the risks. NYC is grateful for your service.

Rachel Jiang | $100

Thank you for everything that you guys are doing.

Jane | $36.28

Thanks for your hard work guys. Not all heroes wear capes!


This is donation from all the Masks I sold Via Parenthood Together- Keep passing the kindness to others! :O)

www.BeGoodToPeople.com | $3,065.50

Way to Be Good to People®! We love this idea and our hearts go out to all of you in NYC, especially the front line workers. This is our donation of $0.50 per mask that our BGTP community and customers nationwide have purchased through April on www.BeGoodtoPeople.com. We found you through Evelyn's Kitchen and are SO happy to be able to help from afar. We would love our donation (if possible) to be used for food from Evelyn's Kitchen and go to the hospital that most needs it. Keep up the Good work, stay safe and THANK YOU, from all of us in the BGTP community for this beautiful program!!!

Gazit Horizons

Gazit Horizons


Thanks to @evelynskitchen for their great work and spreading the word. As the children of small business owners, and friends of healthcare workers on the frontlines, we are rooting for you all!

Eric | $26

Thank you for your service! Thank you for all that you’re doing, “running towards battle as everyone runs the other way”. From my family to yours; stay safe, stay healthy, and take care! You’re all the definition of a hero!

Rachael Sterk | $26.27

Jie | $519.52

Cheers to the front line healthcare workers and all the behind-the-scene heroes! Special shout out to my favorite auntie & uncle: Hailey & Joe! - with love, Norah G.

Anonymous | $104.15

Thank you Jenny. Your organization is amazing!

David Lee | $519.52

Donating on behalf of my cousin, James Chung who is a healthcare worker at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset

Natalie Noel-Cousins | $208

Love the work you're doing! My family and friends donated to my Facebook fundraiser.

Adriana Umlawski | $26.27

Keep up the great work!

Youri & Jason | $519.52

Thank you for all the support you are giving to our healthcare workers and small businesses. We would like our donation to support Elmhurst Hospital.


In loving memory of our dear uncle, PB.

Felice | $519.52

Thank you Hackensack University Medical Center! We appreciate all that you do!

Greg and Tanya Holden | $104.15

For sumo and bebop deli

Hannah | $26.27

Ian Feurtado | $52.23

I’m so proud of you Catherine and I’m so happy that i could contribute!


Love what you’re doing, Joe and Hailey. I am so proud of you. - fern

Anonymous | $26.27

Yay!! Go Tiff Kato!! Proud of you and love you. Keep doing great!

Natalie | $130.11

This is donated by my MK team and clients as of 4/9/2020.Thx Natalie Noel

Mustela USA | $200

This donation is a match by MUSTELA USA on behalf of Eunice & Kenny Kim


sydney stinson | $519.52

would like the donation to Evelyn's Kitchen's efforts. Thank you so much for helping us treat those who are taking care of all decently! Prayers and Blessing Mike & Sydney Ferguson

Shailendra Bhika | $519.52

Thank you for what you are doing. We are donating the money to provide meals to the staff at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. Please express out thanks and gratitude to them for what they are doing as well. Be well and stay safe to everyone.

Eva and Rudy | $104.15

In support of Joe Cho and Bebop Kitchen


in support of Joe Cho and Bebop Kitchen