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Feed The Frontlines Marin is working with a group of Mill Valley's favorite restaurants - Shoreline Coffee Shop, Watershed, Bootjack, BOL, Flourcraft, Mon Reve Chocolate Studio, and Juice Girl - to provide meals to workers throughout Marin on the COVID-19 frontline. We work with local restaurants who source primarily from local farms and businesses, allowing money to flow through the entire food supply chain, preserving jobs and businesses throughout Marin. 

So far, we have delivered over 4,000 meals & juices to hospitals, grocery stores, refuse centers (trash/recycling/yard waste truck drivers), emergency pop-up childcare centers, San Quentin State Prison staff, pharmacies, and Marin City Frontliners. We hope to keep our fundraising momentum going so that we can provide meals to all frontline workers who deserve a "thank you" meal here in Marin. 

Our inspiration came from Feed The Frontlines NYC who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, provided thousands of meals and saved a number of restaurant jobs. 

If you are able to, please consider purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines Marin.

Questions? Contact Kylie Frame at [email protected] / 415-264-5368

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We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law and your personal tax situation. No goods or services will be provided to you in exchange for the contribution.

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Ellen Frazier | $104.15


Patty Hubbard | $78.19

Lori Winslow | $311.84

BIG thank you to Kyle at Watershed and the others for supporting those that help us all in our community. Inspiring!

Jennifer | $52.23

Thank you, Kylie, for being a part of the chainspiration.

Stacey Carder | $104.15

Thank you to all of our frontline workers for your dedication and bravery. Thank you to Shoreline, Watershed, and Juice Girl for doing this important work.

David | $104.15

Kathleen | $104.15

Emily Maynard | $104.15

We enjoyed a great meal from Samurai last night (and got to worrying about our local spots!) so i was so happy to come across this - way to go!!

Nathalie | $104.15

The Neuwirth Swire Family | $104.15

Thank you this opportunity to help!

susan durham | $104.15

Meghan | $104.15

Amazing work! So glad to contribute. Thank you!!

Eliza Turner | $104.15

Erin Elliott | $104.15

What a “win-win”! Thank you

Anonymous | $104.15

Gwen | $20

Thank you for participating in this!

Cory Jamison | $104.15

You guys rock! Thank you so much.

Roesler Girls | $104.15

Tim Scherer | $311.84

Doug Roberts | $104.15

Amy | $100

Thank you, frontline workers, and thanks to the organizers of this campaign.

Brett & Sarah Kelley | $519.52



Thank you!! We are all in this together! xoxo

Maria Kavanaugh | $104.15

Karen- You are the best of Mill Valley!! Thanks for keeping us healthy and leading the way xoMaria

Julie Dalton Design | $208

Thank you Juice Girl for helping so many during this crazy time! Not only do we appreciate the hospital workers so much, we also appreciate you as well.

Laura Spence | $104.15

Thank you all for supporting those supporting us!

Maura Kneafsey | $104.15

Liz Harrell | $104.15

Thank you for doing this!!