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Fast Checkout

Our checkout process is quick and painless - we accept almost all online payment methods.

Apple Pay

Accept both once-off and recurring donations with Apple Pay. Find out how to accept Apple Pay donations.

Google Pay

Accept both once-off and recurring donations with Google Pay. Find out how to accept Google Pay donations.

PayPal Express with One-Touch

Enjoy a faster and more reliable way to accept PayPal donations. One-Touch ensures a smooth checkout process.

Bank Payments

All our U.S. based organizations can accept ACH bank transfer payments and all our Europe based organizations can accept SEPA bank transfer payments. These are great payment options with very low processing fees.

Increase Donations

Let Donorbox donation platform help you maximize your efforts and collect more donations.

Monthly, Annual, Weekly Recurring Donations

It takes only 1 click to set up a recurring donation. No extra registration screens or info is required.

Donors Cover Fees

Give donors the option to cover the processing fee on their donations. The fee will be added on, so only 1 donation is processed.

Company Gift Matching

Donors can encourage their employers to match the donation they made, thanks to our Double the Donation integration.

Company Donations

Get other organizations and businesses to donate to your campaign. Donorbox forms support company donations.

Multi-Currency Support

Accept donations from anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Donorbox supports over 20 popular currencies.

UK Gift Aid

If you're a UK-based nonprofit, reclaim the tax on the donations from your UK donors. Donorbox offers the option for your donors to mark their donations as Gift Aid.

Market your Campaign with Donorbox Donation Platform

Spread the word and share your message with countless donors around the world.

Pop-up Donation Forms

Set your donation form to pop up onscreen, at the click of a button. We supply the code. All you have to do is copy and paste. Find out more here.

Localize Your Form in 11 Languages

Donorbox forms support 11 different languages - English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Japanese and Swedish.

Social Media

Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract more interest and spread awareness.

Donor Wall

Show all your Donor messages and comments on your campaign's very own Donor Wall.

Goal Meter

Share your fundraising progress with the world using our Goal Meter. Include it as part of your form design or embed it separately.

Safety and Security

Keep your donors and donations protected with Donorbox's powerful security measures.

Fraud Detection

Using Radar and our own anti-fraud wizardry, protect your campaign form against fraud. See our blog for more info on our anti-fraud measures.

SSL / TLS Encryption

All Donorbox donation forms are protected by SSL/TLS Encryption technology. The entire checkout process is exceptionally secure.

Tokenization of Financial Data

Donorbox doesn't store any card information. All card and bank account data is tokenized before charging.

Strong Customer Authentication

Donorbox complies with the Strong Customer Authentication requirement of PSD2 regulations in Europe. SCA helps reduce fraud and increase security for many online transactions.

Donor Management

Manage your donors and their donations efficiently, with absolutely no hassle.

Donor Profile

Every recurring Donor is automatically allocated a Donor Profile, complete with login details and a password. Donors can edit their own recurring donation plans.

Ask Donors Custom Questions

Add up to 10 custom questions to learn more about your donors. Responses can take the form of text, radio buttons, check boxes and drop-down options.

Make Notes About Donations

Add quick Internal Notes to each Donor and Donation. Our Notes help you manage your records with a more personal touch.

Collect Address, Phone, Employment

Gather your Donors' contact info easily. Set this info as optional, or compulsory when required (like a political fundraiser).

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

Take your campaign to the next level with our awesome integration options.

Zapier / API

Use our powerful Zapier integration and get access to the Donorbox API to add even more features to your Donorbox campaign. Find out more here at our Donorbox blog.

Salesforce Integration

Maintain positive relationships with all your Donors, using Salesforce's Non-Profit Success Pack. Salesforce is considered the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Mailchimp (Email Marketing Integration)

Easily sync your Donors with your mailing list and stay in touch, using our handy Mailchimp Integration.

Complete Customization

Make Donorbox forms your own by customizing them to blend in perfectly with your donation website.

Customize Donation Form Colors

Donorbox donation forms can be set to match any color scheme so that it coordinates with the look and feel of your website.

Custom CSS

Use Custom CSS to make advanced edits to your donation form design. Add your code segment to our Custom CSS block and watch the magic happen.

Your Own Donation Page

Get your very own donation page for free, customized with your own logo and background - hosted on our SSL-enabled servers.

New-Look Donation Page

Choose either our standard donation form layout or try out our new-look donation pages. You can check them out here.

Tax and Legal

Use Donorbox to meet all tax and legal fundraising laws in your country.

Tax Receipt

Every Donor automatically recieves a tax receipt for each donation. The Donorbox Receipt template is completely customizable to include any necessary info.

Year-End Tax Receipt

Easily send year-end tax receipts to all Donors, with details of the donations they've made over that year. Perfect for tax season!

GDPR-Friendly Forms

Stay compliant with GDPR laws. Donorbox has done the work for you and our donation forms are GDPR-friendly.

Anonymous Donations

Our donation platform supports Donors who want to make anonymous donations. We do gather compulsory info but it is overtly flagged as Anonymous.


Monitor your fundraising efforts to see what works and what doesn't.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics code to track your campaign's progress and efficiency. Simply paste your code into your Donorbox form-builder and you're good to go.

Facebook Pixel

Add your Facebook Pixel tracking code to your Donorbox form to help monitor how people interact with your donation website after viewing your Facebook ad.

Google eCommerce and Adwords Tracking

Donorbox supports Google eCommerce and Adwords Tracking code to analyze and track donation made to your Donorbox campaign.

Over 30,000 organizations from 25 countries use our Donorbox fundraising software