FairFight teaches Indian girls self defense






Dear benevolent human, 

WHAT: We are a Norwegian karate club supporting the FairFight project. FairFight empowers young people of the world, especially girls, to have a fair chance of not being abused and trafficked into prostitution. Even if they have to fight for it! This is how martial art skills come in handy. 

By donating (pay pal or by credit card), you help make the next impact trip to Varanasi possible for FairFight, to support the teaching of martial arts to Indian girls and their communities. All the money we raise goes to the FairFight project in India. You also help us by sharing this campaign in your network.

An additional way of supporting FairFight is to buy a calendar with the girls at Disha House: https://etsy.me/2MWMFa1

HOW: FairFight India collaborates with Disha House, a safehouse located in Varanasi, India. Here, poor families often abandon their female children. Some families live in such severe poverty that they cannot afford to educate their children. Disha House takes in girls whose families are in these desperate situations.  

FairFight volunteers go to teach martial arts to these children and their community twice a year. These visits support and empower the girls and their local karate instructors in order to train the girls all year long and in gaining further local support. This follow up is crucial, otherwise, the previous effort will be lost! 

The next trip will be in March 2019. We ask for your help to make it happen!

WHO: It is a far stretch from being a girl in Norway to being a girl in India. Our karate club wants to contribute to the empowerment of the girls in Disha House by teaching them self defense. The FairFight visit facilitates just that. Read more about FairFight, India here: https://www.fairfight.nl/india.html

The club hosting this fundraising is Nesodden karate club, a well-organized dojo on the peninsula of Nesodden, outside of Oslo, in Norway. We belong to the global Jindokai family, the Path of Benevolence. Our club site, (Norwegian only) http://www.nesodden-karateklubb.com 

In our club, many parents and their children practice karate together. We develop our young by training them to train others in karate. Training your body, your mind, defending yourself only if necessary, reduces fear and raise self-confidence in children, young people, and adults alike. The last resort in any situation is fighting.

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