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In the true spirit of “Strength in Numbers,” we have partnered with brother organizations who are doing the work of our people on the ground. This collaboration has come to fruition to form The Exodus Alliance. The Exodus Alliance is a multi-collective strategic alliance between proven champions for the development of repatriation resources at home and abroad. The Exodus Alliance will address the needs of repatriates with productive solutions, as well as strategies for sustainable growth on the continent.

Monthly donations in the amount of $50 and above will receive membership in the "Made in Africa Repatriation & Investment Club Collective Mentoring Group" for ongoing strategy sessions and group conferences with H. E. RJ Mahdi and other Repatriate experts!

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Marlon Preayer | $9.94

Marlon Preayer | $10

Positive Black Unity in Africa & Worldwide. Keep up the good work Sister Yaa.

Adamaah | $50

Greetings Sister Yaa. Wanted to thank you for your guidance in filing for my residency permit. It is because of your curated relationships with GIS that things ran smoothly and legally. I appreciate that greatly.



Dianne (LadeeDee) Thomason | $20/M

Tyra Parks | $10/M

David Grayson | $5/M

Just my small donation to a great and worthy cause. I truly hope to rest my feet on the motherland one day.

Anointed Kat

I am already a lifetime member of the Made in Africa Repatriation Club. This is to assist in the efforts of the alliance.

Angela | $10/M

Thank you so much for creating a way to assist people like me to make the Move!!

Keisha | $50/M

Hi Rj, I enjoy your channel and I enjoy watching you, Sista Yaa-SRAP and Chief Fouday. I am really inspired by what you are doing. "It takes us to help us" because as you stated, there are no government assistance there. I am in the process of moving my family to the continent but I am coming for a visit first. Please accept my monthly donation and I hope to connect with you all soon. Keisha.

San Hines | $10

Enjoying the conversation on Exodus Radio - Sandy San

Blis B

Ajike | $10

Keep doing with u guys are doing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, I will try to donate to u guys as much as I can❤️😊

Mohammad Hadi-Abdullah | $1,000

kwame olatunji | $10



Unite and reunification for the Family Reunion! Jawad


Nia | $1/M

Mother Africa!! We ah come!

Nia Jordan | $25

Sharon Ellis | $10/M

I am so ready to make my way home to Africa!

Margarida (Maggie)


I am in the process of getting everything in order to move to The Republic of Gambia, I will be financially ready by Jan 2021.

Jackie Crawford | $10

Ryan | $10

It is time for us to relocate to Africa and live the peaceful life we deserve in the land of our ancestors.

Evandra | $10

Josue | $20


Shayna | $1,800

Looking forward to the continued connection. A life time of sanity is 5yrs @ $1/day = < a month of rent

Veronica | $50

I love what you guys are doing.