2024 Family Camp

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2024 Family Camp

MORE than a vacation. MORE than an adventure. 
It's an INVESTMENT in your family!

Dates: September 10-14, 2024.

Venue: Manderley Camp & Conference Center

100 Manderley LanePikeville, TN 37367

LIMITED Cabins Available: Our Family Camp is hosting 24 families.

  • To secure your spot, you must reserve your own private cabin below.

FOOD COSTS: Children 5 yrs of age and younger eat for free.

For adults and children 6 yrs of age and older, the food costs are $110 per person.

  • Please note: Toward the end of the online registration, you will be asked IF you would like to make a separate donation. 
  • This donation will be used to pay for your food costs during family camp.

The suggested food cost donation is as follows:
Remember: ONLY count families members who are 6 yrs of age or older.

  • Family of 2: $220
  • Family of 3: $330  
  • Family of 4: $440
  • Family of 5: $550 
  • Family of 6: $660

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