Eco-Anxiety: How to Approach Ecology with Children and Adolescents?

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During the Learning Planet Festival, EcoNova is holding an exclusive opportunity to learn more about eco-anxiety, the first and only one in Canada! Sign in to our training on January 26th at 1pm PST.

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As an educator, it's important to address the topic of ecology in the classroom, especially when climate change is already a reality. But how can this potentially anxiety-inducing theme be introduced while preserving the youngest learners from feelings of distress and powerlessness that many already experience?

This is a significant question that this training, specifically designed for educators, aims to answer, encompassing both theory and practical approaches.

Would you like to understand eco-anxiety and how it manifests? Are you curious about the range of emotions triggered by climate change and the biodiversity crisis? Do you seek suitable tools to discuss ecology with your students without causing distress? This training is for you!

This training will enable you to gain new knowledge and, importantly, new skills:

  • Describe and recognize eco-anxiety and eco-emotions
  • Identify why discussing ecology with a young audience is important
  • Create and implement age-appropriate activities to raise awareness about ecology

Your Speaker: Aloïs Gallet

Cofounder – Executive Director (Interim)

Aloïs Gallet is a legal and economic expert specialized in environmental issues. He has worked in law firms, within companies in the energy and waste sectors, alongside governments. As an entrepreneur, Aloïs Gallet now expresses his vision and solutions for the environment. He holds the belief that the ecological and climatic deteriorations caused by human development worldwide are and will be the greatest challenges for Generations X, Y, and Z. To address these challenges in time, there is an urgent need to foster free, critical, creative, and cooperative minds. This is precisely the aim of EcoNova Education.

As we are a charity, we rely on donations in order to complete our mission: to educate every young Canadian on Climate Change and to start a wave of Climate Action from one coast to the other.

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