Christmas Cards for Ukraine Relief

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12/10/2023, Midnight, (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
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Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! We are happy to present this year’s Christmas card. It is the icon of the Mother of God of Igor or Igorevskaya. It takes its name from the Ukrainian prince Igor Olegovich, he was surprised by guards that kidnapped him and jailed him in a cell. Before facing death, he prayed before the icon. The icon for this year’s card is once again the work of Iconographer Britta Prinzivalli.

100% of your Christmas card purchases & donations will go to “UKRAINE RELIEF”. The eparchy (diocese) of Mukachevo continues to serve thousands of refugees displaced by the fighting in the south and east who have sought food & shelter in the Transcarpathian Oblast of Ukraine. Your Christmas card purchases & donations helps refugees with these basic needs. The situation in Ukraine is dire – due to Russian land mines, the number of civilian & military amputees now exceed WWI levels!

Thanks to your generosity and help from our local radio station KKOB, we have sent over $128,000 so far to help with these relief projects since the war began in February, 2022. That is amazing given that we are a little group of volunteers! In addition, we continue to send intentions for Divine Liturgies/Masses and help for the orphanage, seminary, and greatest need.

Per usual, the cards cost $12 for a packet of five. All orders must be in by Sunday, December 10th to insure that you receive them in time for Christmas giving.

Thank you for your generosity, and please encourage family, friends, and other parishioners to order our cards! We remain an all-volunteer organization. The design, postage, and mailing costs are absorbed by our volunteers. Our only expenses are for the website, printing, and materials. We never sell or give your

name or information to any other organization!

May the Infant Jesus bring you and yours many blessings this coming Christmas season, and may rule in all hearts as the Prince of Peace, especially so that the war will come to a quick and just conclusion. You are all prayed for daily by the priests and students at the Romzha Seminary in Ukraine, and in the prayers of our volunteers in Albuquerque. Thank you again for your continued support and kindness!

Sincerely yours in the new-born Infant King,

Fr. Christopher Zugger

Rev. Christopher L. Zugger, Chaplain

Each packet contains 5 cards and you can purchase multiple packets of cards. The list of names you provide us when purchasing cards will be prayed for by Bishop Nil Lushchak at Holy Cross Cathedral in Uzhorod, Ukraine on Christmas Day. Please Note: in July 2023, Ukraine passed legislation moving its official Christmas holiday to December 25, further distancing itself from the traditions of the Putin-aligned Russian Orthodox Church, which celebrates the holiday on January 7.

Please submit your order no later than Thursday, December 10th to receive your cards on time!

Note: DonorBox (our donation portal) is automatically sending out a QR Code "ticket" to everyone who purchases a packet of cards. Please disregard that email and the QR code contained therein.

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