The Nuance Hug Foundation Launch Party

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Join us for The Nuance Hug Foundation Launch Party!

You're invited to celebrate the beginning of a new nonprofit and podcast headed up by Carah Burrell on:

Saturday, September 9th, at 7pm

What if everything that makes deconstruction hard...was able to suck a whole lot less? Are you up for some information, laughter, and validation so insightful and delightful you'll be wondering what you ever did without it? If so, buckle up as your pal NuanceHoe plays with the big podcasting boys as she launches The Nuance Hug Foundation and its accompanying podcast: The Mormon History Hoedown. Every dollar donated to The Nuance Hug Foundation goes to help produce meaningful content and foster community in the post-Mormon space.  

The support for the NunaceHoe YouTube channel, Tiktok, and Patreon has been overwhelmingly positive and Carah hopes to up her game and make a major impact for people inside and outside of the Mormon church. 

Make the deconstruction journey not only informative but also filled with lulz! By donating to the NHF, you'll be helping hold the Mormon church accountable as we release buckets of content discussing aspects of its teachings, doctrine, and culture that just might save you or someone you love from the brink of insanity. Have I made a successful pitch that makes you compelled to fund a platform for validating and supporting those re-evaluating lifelong beliefs yet?  

The launch party will take place at a home in Salt Lake City, and everyone 18+ is invited!  This is an opportunity to unwind, celebrate the progress of the NuanceHoe YouTube channel, and get pumped for the exciting journey ahead! 

Tickets are just $5.00 with the option to donate more at check out or at the event in person. Follow your heart when you see that donate button is all we'll say. 

All donations are tax-deductible in the US and go directly to funding The Nuance Hug Foundation and podcast!

The address for the event will be emailed to you after checkout. 

Thanks so much for your support! 

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