The Missing Link: A Statewide Conference on Interconnection

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This conference was originally scheduled for June 22. However, the Maine Public Utilities Commission schedule an important public hearing for the same date to consider proposed rule-changes to the interconnection process in Maine. Our speakers and numerous conference attendees must be present at the PUC that day. We are shifting the conference to September 2023 and working with our speakers to finalize a date. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. All current registrants will automatically be registered for September.

Please note: while no fee is required to attend this event, there is a suggested donation of $25 per attendee to help us cover the cost of hosting this event. Thank you for donating what you can!

Please join A Climate to Thrive and leaders in the field of energy solutions as we explore challenges and solutions related to interconnection of renewable energy. The conference will gather community leaders from across Maine to share problems and solutions to current grid interconnection barriers to small-scale renewable energy. The conference is designed for anyone in a position of local leadership, regardless of prior energy experience and knowledge.

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