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Join us March 17, 18, 19 for The Great Casino Caper and Check Matey, at McDaniel College's Alumni Hall!

Let's see where the chips will fall! Join Kevin Bond and his partner, Arnold Palmeroy, as they embark on solving the wackiest heist in casino history -- The Great Casino Caper! Follow along as seemingly innocent conference attendees practice the art of deception at The Great Casino's annual Detecticon, a conference for police detectives. Will the heist go as planned or will the thieves be caught red-handed as they attempt to acquire expensive merchandise using the ol' five-finger discount?

Up next, for this crew of pirates, there's just no adventure on the high seas anymore. Nothing new to fill their day. No obstacles in their way. That is until the wind blows a strange "map" on their shores, thus changing their tides forever! The map? A chess board! Guided by a team of chess players, these crazy buccaneers are ready to learn the game in their own way and win the World Chess Tournament. Together, they’ll tell the world they’re more than just brains and scallywags! 

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McDaniel College's Alumni Hall is wheelchair accessible and accommodating for patrons who have mobility considerations. We will have staff onsite to assist you.

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