Proactive Self-Defense for College Women: August 1st

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Live Boldly: Proactive Self-Defense

virtual workshop

[focus: university & college bound]

Monday, August 1st

4:00 - 6:00 pm 

Open to women ages 16 -30 geared toward the circumstances navigating campus life (both high school and college) with a focus on the college woman. Log in from anywhere and learn about your superpowers...the real ones.

Why an ONLINE self-defense class? Prevention, environmental awareness, reading people and the "crowd" are the most important skills in living a bold, brave, adventurous life and at the same time, keeping yourself safe. 

We'll hang out and have a conversation about critical skills for the first hour and a half. The last 30 minutes are for specific questions you might have that we don't get to in ... well....we only have 90 minutes so we may miss something you want to ask about. 

What, no hitting and kicking? That's important too - we can give you resources for that part at the end of the workshop.

Don't forget to email us at [email protected] for the zoom link!

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