3 Dots Songwriter's Workshop

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Jon Rounds and company will facilitate a 6-session Songwriters Workshop on the first Thursday of the month, April-September.

✅ Participation is limited to 8 writers- ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

✅ $60 fee for all six sessions, payable upon signup

✅ Single sessions are $10 each (only if space is available) you must contact 3 Dots before the session you'd like to attend.

Each session will begin with a concise presentation and examples of a topic essential to songwriting:

🎵 Song structure: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro.

🎵 Basic music theory: scales, keys, chord numbering system.

🎵 Lyric writing: narrative vs. lyrical songs, abstract vs. concrete language, story-telling techniques.

🎵 Guitar-skills workshop: playing clean rhythm guitar, finger-picking techniques.

🎵 Performance skills workshop: Connecting with an audience. Tips on stage electronics.

🎵 Final session: A performance-based finale with surprises.

The heart of the workshop is that song writers structure feedback they get from the other writers and the facilitators. So, as a participant you will be both performer and listener.

This is a chance to work with experienced writers and performers. You can bring half-done songs, ones that need some polish, or songs you just want to try out on an interested audience.

And wait, there's more!

Beginning on April 21 and on third Thursdays thereafter, 3 Dots presents a musical tradition straight out of Nashville’s famous Bluebird Cafe. The 3 Dots Songwriter Showcase features up to four songwriters performing their original songs in a round-robin format. These jury-selected performers present music in its most authentic form – songs performed by their writer, and maybe along with some spontaneous help from the other songwriters - or even the audience.

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