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Funeral for A Gangster – 

As the audience enters, a sign informs them that they are going Step back in time to 1928 and join the Mob!

There will be a sendoff for the late Vito “The Gut” Marzetti in a speakeasy, “Ruby’s Place,” where the grieving family is holding “services” for the Don.  Join Joey “The Lump,” Frankie “Marbles” and the proprietor of the club, Ruby “Fingers” Marzetti. And, of course, Lena, the heartbroken widow. Or is she? 

Maybe she just wants to find the Godfather’s stash and needs her stepchildren (and the audience) to help figure out Vito’s last game. A G-man leads the way in discovering who murdered Vito (after his third 

helping of moo goo gai pan — he wasn’t called “The Gut” for nothing!) and the location of the cash!

Join us for a pasta bar catered by Magic Valley Catering!  Admission includes the meal.

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