Eli the Computer Guy (Silicon Dojo)

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    I am focused on providing high quality technology education for everyone interested in learning.  From the online classes on YouTube, to Silicon Dojo where we offer hands on classes, to Silicon Derby where we build robot cars and compete with them I am creating opportunities for curious people to learn how to make technology work for them.

    My goal is for these projects to be "free to the end user" so that regardless of people financial status they can learn without concern about payment.  

    With this in mind these projects still cost money. There is rent, supply costs and more.  Your contribution makes it possible to make tech education a resource that is available to everyone.

    Donor Wall (91)

    Ivan | $20

    Thank you for all of your YouTube content and commentary over the years. I have learned so much!

    Anonymous | 10 €

    For you rambling about the real world of technology. Keep up the good work. :)

    Anonymous | $5

    Your Nvidia story about chips would be interesting

    Milos Lukic | $15

    Gratitude for sharing your knowledge and experience over the years! Silicon Dojo is on the other side of the world for some of us, but hope it turns out well as well. Good luck with that and everything else :)


    Thank you (Ireland)

    Charlie Warner | $10

    Just sending some cash to show my appreciation for your YouTube videos over the years and to support the Dojo.

    Péter | $10/M




    Thank you so much! The intro to programming class was super informative.


    Hi from Sweden, keep up the good work you do.

    David Hestin | $5/M

    Appreciate the depth of content you provide while also understanding what it's like for beginners. Thank you.

    INA Alert, Inc. | $100

    NICE WORK MAN!!!! your videos are putting guys in the tech field daily!

    Claudio Verde | $10

    Nice project! I’ll give it a try :)


    Your videos are so helpful! I'm new to raspberry pi, linux, and arduino so I really appreciate your step-by-step guides. Your videos are exactly what I need to get going making my own iot devices.

    Anonymous | $50/M

    better get pizzia for a meetup


    Yo Eli! I've recently come back to start watching your channel again. I spent many hours back a number of years ago watching your channel while I was a student in college for Computer Science. Your videos really helped me in my endeavor, especially with what to expect in the IT industry! Keep doing what you do and I can't wait for your next content to release. Keep it real buddy! Jared London, ON Canada


    Raspberry Pi 4 Marker (RP40)


    Eli the Computer Guy Shiba Inu NFT Limited Edition 1 of 1

    m | £20

    You break sh*t down; love it, keep it going

    Anonymous | $25

    Keep up the good work and continue to provide your logical Covid Coverage for the Sane 😁

    Mario Briguet | $10

    Never stop what you are doing. It's people like you that make this world a better more rational place

    Ted Clayton | $1

    Keep up the good work!

    Killian | 20 €

    Bloody brilliant content - thanks so much

    Stan | $25

    Facebook: You did the damn thing Eli. Thank you for standing up for our children.

    Greg | $25

    Have loved your class content on YouTube and your instructional style. You relate everything to practical, real-world scenarios. Your instructional videos are also fun to watch and never boring.

    Anonymous | $5

    Hi mista, I'd like to take this opportunity to pass on word a gratitude. It's past time mate I appreciate U because the punt made it had a positive effect change in life. Here I am participating in a Degree that'll cost 120K > (here's that arrow) year's to complete! Going forward Hell Yeah I'd be honored to participate online Tues Thurs, sit listen learn contribute in a respectful, meaningful way. There is something I noticed in the coding i'd like your professional opinion its not gonna save the world small steps these the start of something or nothing is what I mean, in your professional opinion ? 1. Javadocs and private field Javadocs- These are comments that flow about methods objects, methods or variables. Could use them to help document your code. Some users don't seem to pickup To begin I think you in presentation of pings using > or < its more readable to use <x> instead 'instead' it'll perform better on larger projects. Or could add it to global variables don't need to chase what they do that's a small saving in time and -always handy. Is that what you meant ..? Is this Eclipse IDE specific or not? The other code looked into: 1 public class TestClass { 2 /* Keeps trrack of your name *? 3 private String name = "Dave" ; 4 { Then move mouse over variable name and get the following message pop up for variables the same as mouse over custom objects. String= TestClass.name It could be customized using "@" sections or make it your own. It will auto fill in exceptions , parameters what you return etc What are your thought's on tiny idea? There's one more..... Faster SQL For SQL queries that's a work in progress a presented solution next week. Cheers again, Steven

    Chris | $100

    Thank you for all your help!

    BASEL | $10

    Thank you Eli

    Eric | $1.75

    Inder | $20

    Nice content as always. Appreciate if you can create content using Python as well.