Eli the Computer Guy (Silicon Dojo)

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    Silicon Dojo is meant to be a place with "free to the end user" hands on technology education.  I want to create a welcoming place where newbs, and experts can come and play with technology at their own pace, and with their own goals.

    I want to remove the payment at point of service from the equation not just for "poor" people, but also for everyone that may have their own finances to balance. In the modern world we have an interesting question to answer, "Should people not get education because they are crap at balancing their checkbook?" And then, "What happens when someone might have the ability to change the world, but they can't learn what they need to know because they are crap at budgeting?"

    To create the Dojo we need the money and resources to provide the education.  Your support helps us create not just a single place to learn, but also helps fund creating a blueprint so that others can create their own.

    Donor Wall (36)

    Hernando | $50

    Starting back from the ground up as it were. I have learnt a lot from your videos.

    Maik de Kruif | $1/M

    Gareth Copeland | $5

    Thanks for your work, i really appreciate it. If i could afford more i would, its just a token of my appreciation

    Ricky Stevens | $10

    Thanks for the wisdom through your content over the years eli, will watch silicon dojo closely

    Anonymous | $5

    5 bucks to the dojo for the month of May. For the dojo, for the cause.

    Peter Noble | $10

    Thank you, for all what you done the last 10 years, always on a new path. Eli you are the best.

    Tyler Wilkinson | $20/M

    I hope the Dojo thrives. The business snark over the years has been the most valuable offering for me personally. You’re creating something that I wish I was exposed to when I was young, and I support that!

    Jim Allen | $20

    I've found your YT content has value and your honesty and acknowledgment of reality is refreshing.


    You're going good work

    Lonnie Honeycutt | $5/M

    Love the recent talks Eli. How do you see YouTube or some other online presence meshing with Silicon Dojo in the future, if at all? Take care

    Kevin Zehnder | $50

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what it takes to create a business Eli. I believe in this idea and can't wait to see what comes of it. Thanks for all your great content and wisdom.

    Jason Stone | $1/M

    I have been following your work for a long time, and I really like it. Best of luck to you in all of your endevours.

    Donaldo | $10

    thanks for keep teaching me IT stuff in a simple and practical way. Good Luck in you startup. Donaldo Dom. Rep.

    Hillel | $10

    Thank you Eli

    Matthew | $100

    I'm sorry the Alphabet algo does not like you. I wish you the best in your business endeavors. Congratulations for moving to NC.


    I believe in your business model. Check out what Neuromatch Academy has achieved.

    Alex Lam | $100

    You are amazing. I wish you succeed.

    Alan Keaveney | 30 €

    Good luck with this endeavour. I used to mentor at a Coderdojo for children in Ireland.

    Karol | $100

    For the doors that everybody knows they exist. Please, keep doing this amazing job. There are many people that are willing to support your idea, but you need to keep this connection :) Good luck.

    John | $5

    Nkatazo Tuhwe | $5

    David | $12

    Thanks Eli for helping and inspiring others.


    I believe in what you are trying to do; I Wish I could give more.

    Ramsey Elmawardy | $20

    I love and support this project/venture!!

    chen karmely

    Good luck with Silicon_Dojo, your are absolutely right, people sould invest/pay for what ever it is they believe in, And personally I also enjoyed your show for some long time now, so i am happy to give this modest conribution and i really hope that this new initiative would spark.

    Saulius Adomaitis | £2/M

    Hope that more people can join in and we all help towards your goals!

    Michael | $20

    Good luck in your endeavor. I look forward to seeing how this grows.

    Richard Gailey | $50

    Been watching you channel since I first signed up to Youtube way back in 2006/7 (Can't remember exactly when, but I was pretty early) and back then barely knew how computers actually worked past getting online and visiting sites. It would be a shame to see you leave Youtube, as you have given so much to users over the years. Will you be making your back catalogue available on any other platforms (places like LBRY where you can also earn as well) so we can still access your content, or will you be hosting this yourself via Azure storage linked to your site etc? I think what you are going to be doing with Silicon Dojo sounds amazing and could be a fantastic place for people to get hands on learning from yourself and your staff. Brilliant idea and truly hope it goes well for you.

    James | $10

    David | $5

    Everybody started somewhere, even Louis Rossmann started with $268 with his business and now look at him now. Good luck Eli. Hope to see Silicon Dojo grow big and successful.