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        Maria Estrada is a local community activist who made her first run for office in 2018 when she decided to run for assembly against the Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, of the state of California, who is arguably the most powerful man in the state. In the primary, when voting was down 12% statewide, the 63rd district had an increase of voters of 42%. In the general election in November 2018 voting more than doubled from 2014 with Maria Estrada receiving over 41,600 votes ,which is more than both candidates Speaker Rendon and his opponent received in 2014. 

        Maria is fighting for justice for her community and to give the people of the 63rd a voice in Sacramento. She is fearless fighter for the people and continues to expose the corruption at the local, county and state level.

        This is by far the most consequential and winnable race in California and we hope that you join the real Revolution and donate to defeat the man who killed single payer healthcare in California.

        Donor Wall (41)

        Luca Barton | $27


        Rendon needs to go. He’s the worst kind of corporate Democrat who uses his power as the Speaker of the Assembly to block needed change in California. Two days ago he thwarted police accountability and housing reform, and before that he stopped Californians from getting single-payer universal healthcare, which would have saved thousands of lives during this pandemic.

        Cynthia | $21.08

        Rendon needs to go! We need a fighter for the people!


        I'm donating because Rendon just let the police accountability bill die. Kick him out!

        Andrew Swetland | $52.23

        Maria, go get that seat for the People and let's pass single-payer in California!

        David Watson | $208

        Rendon filibustered housing and police reform last night

        Pardis | $104.15

        Anthony Rendon filibustered SB1120 last night. Ending exclusionary zoning is important. I’m donating money to his opponent because we need better leadership than that to stand up to Trump and his ilk.

        Kelsey Banes | $11.94

        Donating because Rendon just delayed police and housing reforms

        Richard Mehlinger | $104.15

        Anthony Rendon allowed critical legislation like SB 1120 (duplexes) and SB 731 (police accountability) to die to filibuster. I grew up in Lakewood, and Lakewood deserves better.

        Steve Marzo | $52.23

        Anthony Rendon is incompetent and deserves to lose after delaying the vote on SB 1120 until the clock ran out on the last day of the legislative session.

        Allison Groves | $100/M

        We need someone who supports Medicare for All and will fight for our health care during this unprecedented pandemic! I need Ms. Estrada's voice in the legislature because my family needs health care.

        Steven Lyles | $26.27

        Keep fighting the good fight - 4 us all.

        Jovanka | $2,284.84

        Mary Tokita

        Mary Tokita | $104.15

        I have a background in PR and fundraising - let me know how I can help!

        Erin | $14.85

        Donated in the interest of California Families for Health Rights.

        Salem | $10

        !Viva Maria! !Abajo Rendon!

        Patty Harvey | $52.23

        Rendon must go! He will live in infamy for tearing up SB 562. We need REAL single-payer supporters like Maria.

        Jose | $5.50

        Cruz Becerra | $52.23


        I am contributing to your campaign specifically because of your involvement and support of bringing a true and functional Single Payer healthcare system to California. In 2017 Rendon shelved SB562 denying 39 million California residents decent, equitable, affordable and accessible Health Care for All. I would love to see him lose the election since he has shown that he cares more about his big corporate donors than about the people of California. Thank you for your efforts Maria Estrada!

        Chip Sharpe | $27

        Please send no swag. Run an informative campaign! Thank you 🙏🏼

        Lu | $26.27

        Keep up the fight.


        Power to the people!

        Aaron Holloway | $52.23/M

        Joseph Piñon | $80

        In the state with the largest economy in the nation, and one of the largest economies in the world we should provide single payer healthcare to our residents. Maria will lead that fight.

        Henry Huerta | $27

        Robin Gibson | $26.27

        Keith Anthony Sikora | $44.44

        Maria Estrada aka Mi Chingona Chimichanga is a TOTAL BAD ASS and there WILL be NOTHING SWEETER in CA Politics then having my FRIEND Maria BEAT the F*** Out of the SPINELESS and TOTAL Establishment DOTARD Anthony Rendon who shelved SB562 that CONSCIOUSLY ALLOWS 1000's of Californians to DIE EVERY DAY because they do NOT have HealthCARE!!! #MarieFor63 #MediCARE4ALL #FURendon

        Bob | $27

        Go Maria! #PowertothePeople