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Pair industry-leading fundraising tools with a best-in-class engagement & CRM platform to manage relationships and grow your supporter base.

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Donorbox + Salsa

What is Salsa CRM + Salsa Engage?

Salsa CRM is an effective customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables nonprofits to build rich donor profiles, track donations and interactions, create direct mail appeals, and report on all development activities - all in one platform.

What is Salsa CRM + Salsa Engage?

How to integrate Donorbox + Salsa

  • Easily collect and store information about your supporters, including pledges, gift history, and more.
  • Identify easy-to-understand insights to make data-driven decisions.
  • Effectively engage your donors through a user-friendly email designer, automated digital marketing programs, social media tools, and multi-channel advocacy campaigns.
  • Leverage vital information for segmentation and outreach.
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How to integrate Donorbox + Salsa

To start flowing donor data directly from Donorbox to Salsa, the first step you’ll need to take is to integrate the two platforms through Zapier. Once you have the Zapier add-on activated in your Donorbox account, you’ll simply create and customize your Salsa Zap to start automatically sending information to the CRM.

For previous donor data, you can simply download a CSV file from Donorbox and load it into your Salsa platform.

Connect Donorbox and Salsa
How to integrate Donorbox + Salsa

Cómo integrar Donorbox + Zapier

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To utilize the Donorbox + Salsa integration, you’ll need to activate the Zapier Integration add-on in your Donorbox dashboard for a monthly fee. In addition, you will be required to have an active Salsa account and at least one Donorbox campaign before completing the integration.

Zapier add-on


The Zapier add-on allows you to connect Salsa CRM and Donorbox. Learn more about Zapier.

Salsa offers personalized pricing based on your needs. Learn more about Salsa pricing.

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Donorbox Premium

The Zapier Integration can be included in your customized Premium plan, based on your needs. Learn more about Premium perks.

Salsa’s fees are not included in Premium.

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