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Why are Donorbox and Salesforce so good together?

You can leverage the intuitive design of Donorbox and the smart analytics engine of Salesforce. Start fundraising with Donorbox and allow your donor data to flow to Salesforce for better visibility and forecasting of your donations and givers. Donorbox for Salesforce allows you to

Maintain Complete Donor History

Never forget important donor details across multiple touch points. Our Salesforce integration helps you manage each donor relationship with a personal touch.

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Insightful Analytics on Donors and Donations

Salesforce’s strong reporting features, along with all the information pushed from Donorbox, help you make important data-driven decisions.


Native Low-Maintenance Integration

How will your entire experience be easy and convenient? Our integration uses the standard Salesforce objects that are present in the NPSP data model.

Donorbox and Salesforce

Plan Ahead with Greater Confidence

With Donorbox, your plans get synced as recurring donations in Salesforce, helping you achieve your budget forecasting.

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Control your data flow to Salesforce

  • Customize your field mappings to suit your needs. Donorbox pushes the essential data automatically, and allows mapping for the rest.
  • Remove and re-export your data when desired by the click of a button.
  • Get insightful details about any failures, errors and partial exports. Re-export selected donations on demand.
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