Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

How a small team relies on Donorbox to grow big

$700 K +
Funds Raised

The challenge

Managing growth as a small team

With no dedicated fundraiser on staff and a very small administrative team, the sanctuary needed a tool that could handle their fundraising needs without requiring extensive fundraising know-how. They needed something that is easy to use - with donation tracking, reporting, and goal monitoring.

“With such a small core team, we just don't have the bandwidth to implement a very complicated solution. Donorbox was really easy for us to set up and it really met our needs. It was an easy decision!”

- Kathy Fischer, Board President, Happily Ever Esther

The challenge

The solution

Insight-driven campaigns, tailor made

HEEFS uses Donorbox to launch and track different crowdfunding campaigns throughout the year. They tailor each donation form to fit their different fundraising needs for any given campaign, and monitor performance for each campaign through Donorbox to gather insights that help them plan their next campaigns.

The solution

The result

Less trial and error, more funding

The sanctuary team raised $700,000 to purchase a CT scanner that they then donated to a nearby veterinarian college. With the leftover funds, they established a program that welcomes applications from registered charity sanctuaries who need financial assistance.

“What I liked is that I could create individual campaigns within Donorbox and  track the success of that campaign individually without having to wonder which donations are from which campaign.”
Kathy Fischer, Board PresidentKathy Fischer, Board President
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How you can use Donorbox the same way

  1. Set up and go live with unique campaigns that target specific fundraising goals.
  2. Easily track the success of each campaign to determine what parts of a fundraising strategy are working.
  3. Get started with little fundraising know-how so teams of any size and ability can start raising money for their important work sooner.

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