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      Donor Wall46

      Martha and Albert Waltien | $52.23

      Brian Crowley | $100

      Anonymous | $5.50

      Lisa Kaye | $52.23

      Horse Racing wrongs IS THE ONLY PLACE where I get the names of the horses that die on and off the race track—it’s a transparency the horse racing industry is terrified of reporting and will avoid publicizing the names of dead horses at all cost Thank you Horseracingwrongs for doing this

      Teresa Melnick | $25

      Thank you for leading this crucial cause.


      Jill Mulato | $26.27

      Anonymous | $104.15

      Donna Reynolds | $21.08


      What goes on in this industry in unconscionable and sickening on every level. There is no ethics or compassion for these beautiful creatures and horse racing should have been ended long ago...GLOBALLY! keep getting the word out to the millions who could care less about gambling their money away in exchange for the travesties inflicted on these helpless horses!

      Elizabeth Guare | $26.27

      Julie Coleman

      I have a long history of hatred for horse racing and knew it was even worse than what most of us even know. I was so happy to find your organisation and will not only support financially monthly but have shared this on all social media I can to gain awareness and support.

      Mike Kramer | $26.27

      Marianne Harrington | $25

      God Speed Horseracing Wrongs mission to End Horseracing Now! Thank you for all you do for the horses 🐎🐎🐎🐎 #justiceforthehundred supports Horseracing Wrongs

      Jacqueline Award | $104.15

      Thank you all for your tireless efforts to end this heinous blood sport ❤️🐴

      Aroon | $10.70

      Patti | $10.70

      Thank you for helping the horses!

      Valerie | $52.23

      I will continue to support you, Nicole and Patrick, every bit I can. With love. Val

      Tom | $50

      Sherry Hansen | $52.23

      Anonymous | $26.27

      thank you for caring and doing what you do!

      Heather Reed | $26.27

      Thank you for all you are doing to bring truth to the public about the conditions of racehorses: isolation, confinement, terror, drugging, twitching, shanking, electrocution, carnage on the track to sexual exploitation, in which they die breeding too many mares for the almighty dollar on the gloriously picturesque farms they pay for with their lives. They give their hearts to despicable ends. Horseracing needs to STOP.

      James Palumbo

      If you love animals, you will help put an end to the barbaric so-called "sport" of horse racing in the United States. Look at the facts, the culture of death, the pictures. This is insane in the 21st Century that we tolerate such human cruelty toward innocent, beautiful, loving creations. Please show that you care.

      Mary Jo Wilson | $104.15


      I used to work at the track and saw horrors! Last year I witnessed two horses that had each made over a million dollars, running at a crapping track in West Virginia. One was nine years old, and the other was ten. The butchers, that call themselves trainers, ran these horses in a blizzard just before Christmas. I knew that with all the money these hoses had made for their connections, that this was these horses last races and they were headed to the killers.

      Melanie | $21.08


      Anonymous | $52.23

      I have been rescuing thoroughbreds tossed like trash from the track for almost 40 years.They are the most amazing beings on this planet. Thank you for the great work you do, and thank you supporters! Let's get our babies off the tracks forever!!

      Antoinette | $52.23


      I am so glad I learned the truth and I'm grateful for all this organization is doing.